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GeM Registration for Courier & Parcel Services

Through the decades, Courier and parcel services have served as the backbone of India's evergrowing economy. Being a crucial tertiary sector activity, Courier and parcel services have bridged the gap between all other industries. It facilitates rapid & easy exchange of information and commodities by breaking away all barriers in the supply chain. Most importantly, the urgent delivery of goods in India takes place through Courier & Parcel Services. Moreover, it has facilitated tremendous growth in the e-commerce trade in India. No doubt, e-commerce trade would have been impossible without the postal services. 

The government has also put in a lot of effort for the boosting of this major economic activity. Today, the postage agencies offering speed post & express delivery solutions can directly offer them to the government bodies by getting a GeM registration.  

Let us briefly understand the tremendous growth of Indian e-commerce trade and the role of Courier & Parcel Services in India.


1. Indian e-commerce trade: an Overview

Undoubtedly India & China are today are 2 leading nations among the other fastest-growing nations as regards e-commerce sales. The E-commerce trade in India is predicted to touch US$100 billion by FY 2020-21

2. Role of Courier & Parcel Services in e-commerce growth

There’s no doubt that the CEP Industry (i.e. Courier, Express, Parcel) has a major role in the growth of the e-commerce industry.

  • In the era of globalization, it had replaced the conventional postage services due to their ability to provide faster service at a lesser cost.  
  • As market players entered the digital era of e-commerce, these CEP firms helped grow into the different global markets, fetching them a significant market share. 
  • As a result, the CEP Industry itself grew tremendously. Today, the Indian parcel courier market is estimated to be around ₹4000 crores! It’s growing annually at 25%.
  • The government bodies are today largely dependent on Courier & Parcel Services for their day to day operations. They outsource these services from private agencies. 

The postage agencies can grab the chance to provide their service directly to the government bodies if they have a GeM registration.

3. Significance of GeM registration for Courier & Parcel Services

In was in 2016, that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India had set up the state-run e-commerce portal Government e-Marketplace (GeM). 

  • The intent was to altogether enhance the course of activity of procurement of goods & services to various govt departments, ministries, the Public Sector Units, and government companies, autonomous agencies, etc. 
  • For traders having GeM registration, there are different benefits such as:- 
  1. Complete transparency in government bids, 
  2. Fair bids
  3. cashless transactions. 

4. Government agencies that need Courier & Parcel Services

Undoubtedly, the postage agencies can avail the chance to directly offer their valued services to the Government departments. Here are the prime buyers of Courier & Parcel Services:

  1. Post & Telegraph Department 
  2. Aviation sector
  3. Union & State level Ministries that require speedy delivery of important documents
  4. Government banks 
  5. PSU industries
  • Besides, there are many more Government departments that require speed post & express delivery services of the postage agencies for fast & easy exchange of goods & services.
  • Government e-Marketplace is a tech-driven e-commerce platform that will enable them to get swift procurement of goods at a lesser cost.
  • GeM registration can surely help the private postage agencies to list their services on the GeM portal. 

This way they can get into touch with the government buyers and provide them the much-needed services seamlessly.

Moreover, this can also boost the transportation industry. Know about the GeM registration for Transport Agencies

If you need any sort of guidance regarding GeM registration, feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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