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GeM Registration for the Paper Product Suppliers

It can’t be negated that Paper is one of the essential articles of our daily work routine. Although today we are living in the age of digitalization, the paper is still a basic necessity that can never be outdated. Truly there’s no other electronic substitute of the hard copy printed records, as such records are permanent and can’t be erased. This is the reason why the Indian Paper Industry has continually achieved towering growth. Despite every data being digitalized nowadays, the aggregate demand for the paper has been constantly rising @ 8%. As a matter of fact, the government departments are among the top users of paper products in India. In this context, the paper manufacturers having GeM registration have great chances of growth by directly dealing with these departments.


Let us briefly study the growth in the Paper Industry in India.  

1. An overview of the Indian Paper Industry

The Indian Paper Industry today currently holds a significant share of 1.6% out of the total production of paper & paper products globally. The estimated aggregate turnover in this industry is valued at ₹ 25,000 crores or the US $ 5.95 billion. Furthermore, its total contribution to the exchequer is valued at ₹ 2,918 crores. All this shows a growing demand in this industry.

The prime source of this ever-growing demand is the Government itself. Besides, the Government has introduced so many measures in the interest of paper manufacturers and suppliers of India, which includes GeM registration of the paper manufacturers.

2. Importance of GeM registration for paper manufacturers

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India had launched the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal in the year 2016. The objective was to altogether transform the procedure of procurement of various commodities by the Government departments, ministries, PSUs, autonomous bodies, etc.

Today, various sellers, including the manufacturers & suppliers of paper products can easily get GeM registration. With that they can enter a huge platform where they can get the opportunity to directly deal with the Government and supply their products.

On GeM portal, a seller can experience benefits such as-

  • Completely transparent Government bids,
  • Cashless transactions,
  • Reverse auctioning
  • Less paperwork
  • Some special benefits for Startups

The Government e-Marketplace is a tech-driven government-run e-commerce platform that enables fast & easy procurement of goods with minimal human involvement.

Know how to sell products on Government e-Marketplace.

3. The increasing scope of GeM portal

The Government e-Marketplace is opening doors of success for millions of entrepreneurs in India.

  • The towering success of the GeM portal can be ascertained from the very fact that till date, over 1,543,867 Products and 20,399 Services are accessible over this platform.
  • This has been possible only because of a vast network of above 305,487 Sellers & Service Providers who have seller GeM registration and have listed their products on the GeM portal.
  • These valued items and services are now procured by more than 25,000 government associations having buyer GeM registration on the GeM portal.
  • In addition to that, 2,825,461 Orders with the Transactions Value of ₹ 40,111 crores have been already placed on GeM.

4. Need for paper products in government associations

As has been explained above, there are various government associations as well as government departments that need a supply of paper & paper products that are unquestionably procured from the private vendors, stationers or paper manufacturers. Mostly, paper & paper products are needed for various purposes such as documentation, notifications, etc.

Here are a few of the spheres where there is an enormous necessity of paper & paper products in government departments:

  • In the Supreme Court, High courts and district & lower tier courts
  • In Govt. schools, and college stationeries
  • In the Parliament and various ministries
  • In the key Govt departments such as Police, RTO, Post Offices,
  • Nationalized banks
  • Hospitals

And many more! Evidently, these departments have to procure the supplies only from the sellers and vendors who are having a GeM registration.

5. Important measures for GeM registered users

At this time, the government has taken numerous steps to ensure that the GeM portal is more convenient and reliable for the users having GeM registration.

  • For instance, the vendor assessment process is being made more distinctly for the advancement of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Moreover, presently the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Government of India will be working out a proper mechanism to execute vendor assessment of each and every one of the sellers having GeM registration at the portal. This will also make sure that the transparent sale of valued products at the GeM portal, as per the GeM authority.
  • The entire vendor assessment procedure will now be made an online system. Hence, there shall be no human intervention
  • Another online system shall be worked out in a little while to deal with complaints of both buyers and sellers having the GeM registration at the portal.

Hence, we can see that the government is doing many important tasks for the welfare of the paper manufacturers having GeM registration. The paper manufacturers having GeM registration can now easily grow their trade at the GeM portal.


If you need any sort of assistance regarding the complete process of GeM registration, please feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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