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How has Costa Rica set an example of green growth with ISO 14001?

Environmental degradation is indeed a grave global concern that needs to be addressed with utmost urgency. With the deteriorating condition of our planet, the priority for ensuring energy efficiency and environmental management is on the rise, especially in the corporate sector that has the maximum carbon footprint. The need for ISO 14001 certification is therefore irrefutable for less dependence on fossil fuels and holistic growth. 


#1. What has raised the significance of ISO 14001?


The global carbon emissions have risen in the past three years at an alarming rate. In 2017, the International Energy Agency (IEA) had reported a sharp 2% rise in the carbon emissions worldwide, that raised the level of CO2 to 37 billion tonnes. Besides, it had predicted a rise in Global energy demand up by 2% owing to the rapid economic growth. This can turbulently raise the level of carbon emissions worldwide. The business organisations need to take upon themselves to address the situation. Complying with the environmental management guidelines of ISO certification 14001  is one way to combat this catastrophe.


#2. How has Costa Rica set an example of green growth for the whole world?

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America that sources almost all of its power consumption through renewable resources. In the recent years, the share of the renewable energy in Costa Rica’s power consumption despite suboptimal weather conditions has been remarkable-





Share of the Renewable Energy in Total Power Consumption




Above 99%


2015 (75 days consecutively)









110 consecutive days-       100%


Rest of the year-                 98%


2017 (300 days consecutively)


Above 99.6%



As we can see that in 2014, 99% of its electrical energy was derived from renewable energy sources. Out of this, nearly 80% was sourced from hydel power. In mid-2016 the feat of 100% renewable energy was upheld for first 110 consecutive days.


#3. Has it been easy for the country to source green energy?

The journey towards holistic growth can never be a cakewalk for a tempestuous country like Costa Rica. Being situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms from the Caribbean coast, and remains at constant seismic risk, besides numerous volcanoes throughout the year. This makes the generation of renewable energy even more difficult for the nation, nevertheless much crucial as power imports can put a severe burden on the economy.


#4. How has Costa Rica managed to source green energy so efficiently?

Post its participation in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) better known as Rio+20 Global Earth Summit, the country has judiciously invested in the generation of renewable energy. A remarkable instance of this fact is that during a tropical storm “Nate” in October 2017 Costa Rica managed to obtain its power supply wholly through powerhouses that run on renewable sources.


The nation has devoutly focussed on the need of conformity to the international standard for environmental management. Notably, over 63 organisations have been granted the ISO 14001 certification. Among those who have been granted the ISO certification are mainly banana producers, hoteliers and other agribusinesses.   


#5. How can ISO 14001 help in attaining customer satisfaction?

Complying with the ISO 14001 guidelines implies that the manufactured products are more safely and holistically produced and packed. This is one of the important factors that determine the level of customer satisfaction, the key objective of ISO 9001 certification.


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