19 Mar 2020Posted By: Mudit Handa

How to Combat Coronavirus with ISO 45001 Certification?

We all know that the world is struggling with the menace of Coronavirus disease, also called COVID-19. The number of casualties due to COVID-19 throughout the globe have reached an alarming rate. A number of countries are now witnessing complete deadlock due to the intensity of the disease. The infection can spread rapidly among the citizens if proper measures are not taken timely. This is why the governments advise preventing social gatherings and physical contact. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 infection can easily spread within the workplaces and organizations due to poor sanitation and lack of proper hygiene. However, in the presence of a proper occupational health & safety management system, the Coronavirus catastrophe can be easily combated.

One way to achieve a desirable workplace safety management system is to opt for the ISO 45001 certification.

Let us understand the role of ISO 45001 certification in tackling the Coronavirus disease.


1. A brief overview of the Coronavirus disease

The Coronavirus disease or the COVID-19 had originated from Hubei province of China and it gradually spread far and wide. In nations like China, Italy and Iran it has swept entire communities. The way citizens are getting infected has incited huge criticalness for proactive measures to deal with the pandemic. So, there’s take no option to take any chance. Now, its high time to implement a concrete strategy to rule out Coronavirus. The workplaces can easily achieve this by following the directives of ISO 45001 certification

2. Role of ISO 45001 OH&S system in combating Coronavirus

The Coronavirus infection can be easily transmitted via different media that involve contact with other humans. This may include smooth metallic surfaces, some fabrics, glass objects or contaminated food. Some of the effective ways to deal with the Coronavirus disease include:-

  • Medical Quarantine (isolation) of 14 days to a person suspected of COVID-19, who might have trouble in breathing, dry cough and fever. 

  • Medical help to the senior citizens and those persons having a prolonged illness such as blood pressure, cardiac disease, tumour or diabetes, as such people have low immunity and are susceptible to COVID-19 infection.

  • Work-from-home facility to the employees in the organization to avoid physical contact.

Moreover, the Coronavirus disease can be easily prevented from spreading if there’s a proper framework for occupational health & safety management in the organizations. It is rightly said-

“Prevention is better than cure!”  

Hence, developing a proper workplace safety management system as per the guidelines of ISO 45001 certification is the only way to prevent the COVID-19 infection from interrupting the normal course of life. Besides, proper environmental management techniques as per ISO 14001 certification guidelines can also create a good impact on occupational health.

3. How can ISO 45001 certification help in preventing Coronavirus disease?

The ISO 45001:2018 OH&S standard specifies the key requirements for a desirable occupational health & safety management system within an organization. An ideal OH&S system within your organization can make you equipped well in advance to deal with the Coronavirus hazard. 

4. Key features of ISO 45001 OH&S system that can prevent COVID-19

Here we have listed a few important ways how an ISO 45001 certified OH&S management system to safeguard the health safety of the employees amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • A comprehensive audit of your organization’s work culture, processes and methodology for preparing and reacting to the potential health hazard such as COVID-19. The purpose of this audit is to guarantee that your OH&S management system is ready to combat viral infections such as COVID-19. 

  • Amendment of the sick leave policy, in order to keep a track of all those leaves taken due to viral infection. Accordingly, you can prepare everyone to be aware of any suspected viral outbreak. 

  • Direct communication with the workers in order to instruct them on how to tackle an infection, different communicable diseases, or any such topic of awareness. 

  • Give general counselling about how to stay safe of the spread of infections, among the employees as well as the visitors in your premises.

  • Last but not the least, you need to reassess the travelling schedule of your employees, both personal and executive flights, so as to make sure that they don’t travel to COVID-19 affected areas of the world.

This is how you can easily combat the COVID-19 infection in your organization through a desirable OH&S management system as per the ISO 45001 certification guidelines. 


If you require any other guidance with respect to thISO certification in India, please feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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