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24 Oct 2017Posted By: Chaman

The Difference between Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy on a website

Whenever we access a website, we see terms and conditions, privacy policy, and refund policy on that website. Legally, the Privacy policy is mandatory for a website though terms and conditions are not required for a website by law. But ‘Terms & Conditions’ is a smart approach to a website. In this article, we will discuss the differences between ‘Terms & Conditions’, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy.


  • Terms & Conditions: Before accessing a website, users generally agree to terms and conditions, which are nothing but the rules and guidelines for users.

  • Privacy Policy: Since, a website is gathering users, personal information; the website requires to have a privacy policy.

  • Refund policy: Refund Policy are the rules of management of return or exchange of defective products, purchased by users.


  • Terms & Conditions: Its purpose is to make sure that the user abides by them.

  • Privacy Policy: Its purpose is to decrease website’s liability.

  • Refund Policy: To serve the customer is the sole purpose of refund policy of a website. How? Before purchasing a product, if a customer understands the refund policy of that website, he will be motivated to buy the product. Thus its purpose is to earn the trust of the customers.


  • Terms & Conditions: These have recommendations especially for those websites, which sell products.

  • Privacy Policy: These are recommended for all websites.

  • Refund Policy: These are recommended for the websites because it encourages a customer to buy products and to return it, in case there is some dispute, within certain time period.


  • Terms and Conditions: These are not required by law.

  • Privacy Policy: These are required by law.

  • Refund Policy: Creating a Refund policy is not legally required but it is relatively straightforward.


Thus terms and conditions are simple rules and regulations to run a website, while privacy policy is for the safety of the customer as well as a website. Besides, Refund Policy acts as a sales tool for the website. Thus, to run a website smoothly and to get success in online business, the above- mentioned three policies are necessary.

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