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Join Hands with the Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC), India's preeminent body for attracting foreign business and investment. To expand your carpet export business globally, get CEPC online registration today. Using CEPC Online Registration, you may learn about the newest possibilities and quickly apply for them. For any information on CEPC - RCMC Registration.


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India also ships out jute and handloom carpets and rugs. The nation is the leading exporter of carpets in the world, sending abroad between 85-90% of what it produces. About 40% of all handmade carpets exported from the globe come out of India.

The majority of India's carpet exports are handmade varieties such woollen, rugs, druggets, durries, cotton carpets, etc. During 2020-21, India increased their exports of these hand-knotted carpets to US$ 1.51 billion. Thus, the Carpet Export Industry is vast and full of opportunities for Indian Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers,and Merchant Exporters all should now benefit from this opportunity through Carpet Export Promotion Council CEPC Online Registration.

What is the Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC)?

In 1982, the Ministry of Textiles of India established CEPC as a non-profit organisation to promote the export of Indian carpets, rugs, floor coverings, and other connected products. Since then, it has served as the trade association for India's carpet industry. It has its main office in the middle of Delhi, its registered offices are in NOIDA, UP, and its regional offices are in Bhadohi (U.P.) and Srinagar (J&K). Thousands of businesses from all over the country are CEPC members. CEPC's vast selection of handcrafted carpet goods is one of its most intriguing qualities.

#1. To help its member exporters having CEPC Online Registration succeed, CEPC is a staunch supporter of exporters in the eyes of the government.

#2. CEPC sends trade delegates to all major and growing countries worldwide and promotes Indian products through global exhibits and fairs.

#3. An international importer may rely on CEPC for assistance with sourcing, and Indian exporters can rely on CEPC for assistance with selling.

What is CEPC Online Registration or Carpet Export Promotion Council RCMC?

You can join the Carpet Export Promotion Council if you're interested in expanding your business into international sales of Handmade Carpets, Knotted Carpets, Rugs, and other Floor-Coverings.

The application for membership must be submitted using the official application form. The membership form can be filled out online. Once an exporter joins CEPC, they will receive a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate(RCMC). Membership in RCMC is valid for five years and must be renewed annually.

What are the government fees for CEPC Online Registration?

For the exports below Rs. 50 lakhs, the Annual Membership Fee would be as under for New Members, Rs. 4720/- (entrance fee Rs. 2360/- and Membership subscription Rs. 2360/- inclusive of 18% GST). Please note that if the exports of above Rs 50 Lakhs, the annual membership fee would be as under:

Category Particulars Amount of Annual Membership Subscription in INR
1 Export Performance up to Rs 50.00 lakhs during 2021-22 2,000.00 + 360.00 (GST @18%) Rs. 2,360.00
2 Export performance above Rs 50.00 lakhs & up to Rs 1.00 Crore during 2021-22 3,000.00 + 540.00 (GST@18%) Rs. 3540.00
3 Export Performance above Rs 1.00 Crore and up to Rs 10.00 Crores during 2021-22 5,000.00 + 900.00 (GST@18%) Rs. 5,900.00
4 Export Performance above Rs 10.00 Crores during 2021-22 10,000.00 + 1,800.00 (GST@ 18%) Rs.11,800.00

Categories of Members as per Carpet Export Promotion Council RCMC Registration

Registration is a "necessary" step in accordance with the Carpet Export Promotion Council's Articles of Memorandum and Association. Documents presented will determine whether the Registration is granted as a "Merchant Exporter" or a "Manufacturer Exporter."

The applicant must specify the type of membership (or types) he or she is applying for in the accompanying required documents. The applicants can apply for CEPC Online Registration in the following categories
a) Membership;
b) Registration as a Merchant Exporter
c) Registration as a Manufacturer Exporter

Advantages of getting CEPC Online Registration

Communication with the Government and Governmental Bodies
The Council encourages communication between the exporting community and the central and state levels of government. It also participates in the Central and State governments through its representatives on numerous committees and panels, as well as in the Parliament Standing Council. Policy advice for the government on issues of international trade and Bringing together different Governmental bodies to work on problems members are having is also the benefit that you get if you have CEPC Online Registration.

Get Training and Support
The Carpet Export Promotion Council, with support from the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) of the Ministry of Textiles, is setting up training centres across the whole territory of India where carpet belts may be found, with the goal of improving the lives of weavers, artisans, and their families as well as those of other small and aspiring exporters.

Boosts the Competitiveness of the Products
As part of the Human Resource Development (HRD) initiative, CEPC is training artisans and weavers in detailed design in order to increase the quality and competitive edge of our carpets on the global market.

Market Linkage and Market Exposure
Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) organises Gandhi Shilp Bazars in nearly all CEPC clusters so that Artisans have access to new markets. On top of that, it allows Artisans to showcase their creations in a variety of national and international fairs and festivals.

Explore New Opportunities
It provides export Statistics and Market Intelligence Report for Handmade Carpets and other floor coverings. In addition, businesses can Identify and explore new markets for exports of Handmade Carpets and other floor coverings after getting CEPC Online Registration.

Promotes Interests of Indian Businesses at an International Level
In order to protect their interests in such markets, Indian exporters of handmade carpets and associated products fight measures that distort trade, such as anti-dumping and safeguard duties, and they try to eliminate non-tariff barriers. The Council gives comments to the government to promote the interests of India's Handmade Carpets, Rugs, and other Floor coverings during talks at international level such as WTO, ATC, FTA, PTA, UNCTAD etc.

Get valuable data collected through Surveys
CEPC Conducts Surveys to analyse the supply-demand situation well in advance so that a successful export plan can be worked up. Conducting market surveys, market study in India and internationally and giving market intelligence through different cluster studies, research papers, journals and news magazines of Council.

Get Visa Recommendation
Foreign Embassies in and around Delhi receive Visa Recommendation Letters from the Council for business development and associated actions on behalf of Council Members.

Dispute Resolution
The Council effectively backs up its Members in the event of a Trade Dispute with foreign purchasers by penning letters to the relevant Indian Missions.

Document Requirement for CEPC Online Registration

#1. Membership application form.

#2. Membership fee.

#3. Affidavits.

#4. Self attested photocopy of the Partnership Deed or Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of Limited companies.

#5. IEC Code Registration Details

#6. PAN Card and GST Registration Details

Document Requirement for CEPC Online Registration

What are the various beneficial schemes available after getting CEPC Online Registration?

#1. Merchandising Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)

#2. Zero Duty Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme

#3. Interest Equalization Scheme

#4. Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme

#5. Duty Drawback Scheme.

Stepwise Procedure to get CEPC Online Registration

  • 1

    Step 1

    Consultation with our experts for free to understand the application procedure and document requirement plus document preparation.

  • 2

    Step 2

    Submission of documents & payment to our web portal and our dedicated team of CEPC Online Registration experts will apply for the application procedure on your behalf after scrutiny of your documents.

  • 3

    Step 3

    Get regular updates on the application status and delivery of your CEPC RCMC Certificate to your mail after successful verification from the CEPC.

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frequently asked questions

You will need to renew your CEPC Online Registration Annually. You can do this through an online renewal application procedure and paying the required fees and document submission. 

The council does assist exporters monetarily by recommending members applying for business loans with the most favourable terms and rates available. This facilitates the exporters' growth and development in the global market.


Payment for annual membership fees can be made by Bank drafts / local cheques payable to "Carpet Export Promotion Council, New Delhi" at any nationalised bank in India. However, you can also pay us through UPI, NEFT, RTGS and we will apply for your CEPC Online Registration so that you don’t have to face any hassle. 


If exporters wish to avail the benefits from Council, RCMC is mandatory. RCMC is also one of the mandatory document requirements to get Letter of Undertaking for operating an export business. 


As long as you have an internet connection on your mobile or a PC, you can connect with our experts to apply for CEPC Registration Online. Our team of experts for CEPC Registration works completely online so you can connect them through online channels and get your CEPC Online Registration done easily. 


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