Public Limited Company

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Public Limited Company Incorporation


Limited Liability

Liability of shareholder for the losses of the company is limited to their contribution only.

Perpetual Succession

A business of the Company will not affect if there is any change in the ownership of the company.

Listing on Stock Exchange

Public Company can be listed on stock exchange and raise funds by way of public issue.

Transferable Shares

Shares of a public company are freely transferable between its members and non-members.

Disclosure & Transparency

The public company ensures stringent disclosure compliances. Financials of the company is in public domain.

Minimum Directors & Shareholders

Minimum 3 directors, Minimum 7 shareholders required and there is no limit on maximum shareholders of the company. 


Public Limited Company Incorporation Process


1. Collect requisite information & documents from you.

2. Apply for Digital Signature and DIN of proposed directors.

3. After a preliminary check for Company’s Name availability, apply for Name Approval.

4. After obtaining name approval, prepare MOA & AOA, and other necessary documents.

5. Get signature of proposed subscribers /directors on the required documents.

6. File incorporation documents & obtain Certificate of Incorporation, PAN & TAN.