Draft Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

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Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy


Terms & Condition define

Terms & Condition describes the rules of business entity for using their product or services by users/client/customer especially, in the case of an e-commerce website.

Privacy Policy define

Privacy Policy describes how e-commerce entity collects information of website visitors/users and how the information will be use, stored and managed.

Information Technology Laws

Disclosure of Terms & Condition and Privacy policy on the website, generally a requirement of prevailing Information Technology laws.

Avoid Disputes

Publication of T & C and privacy policy on the website, especially in the case of e-commerce business, highly recommended to avoid future disputes.

Ensure Transparency

Disclosure of Transparent T & C and privacy policy, about E-commerce business and their policies considered as an ethical attitude towards society & other stakeholders.

Draft as per business need

Our team helps you to draft customized, tailored Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy as per your business need & prevailing IT rule & regulations.


Drafting Terms & Policy Process


1. Set up meeting with senior management to understand business.

2. Screening of all applicable laws to your business.

3. Chalk out disclosure requirement over the website.

4. Prepare Terms & Policy and provide a draft for pre-approval.

5. On review, if any changes required make amendments accordingly.

6. Finalize & Incorporate the same on the website.