Founder Agreement

We help drafting founder agreement among co-founders of startup business considering each founder roles, responsibility, duty, participation, funding, etc which help to avoid future disagreements & smooth functioning of startup company. Call us at 011-65442500 for enquiry.

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Founder Agreement


What is Founder Agreement ?

Founder Agreement is a contract among founders of startup from different field possess different high-end skills & thought process.

Cofounder Goal & Vision

Founder Agreement make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to goals and vision of the startup company.

Avoid Future Disagreements

Founder Agreement sketch out rights & responsibilities of each startup founder which help to avoid future disagreements.

Define Roles, Equity Split, etc

Founder Agreement contains provisions like co-founder roles, remuneration & reward, equity split, a consequence of co-founder exit and other important matters.

Amicable Exit Option

Founder Agreement helps to provide amicable exit option in case of difference in opinion between co-founders.

Draft & Execute Agreement

Our team will understand co-founder thoughts, the expectation among co-founders & align their vision in agreement.


Draft Founder's Agreement Process


1. Collect preliminary information & documents about co-founders & business.

2. Set up meeting with co-founders in a group with our experts.

3. Set up meeting with each co-founder separately & understand their concern.

4. Prepare Founder agreement & provide a draft for your pre-approval.

5. On review, if any changes required make modification appropriately.

6. Finalize & get signatures of all co-founders in founder's agreement.