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GST modification

We can help you fulfil all the formalities regarding the GST modification and amendment of GST registration.

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About GST modification 

Who can get GST modification?

Who can get GST modification?

Anyone whose GST application is being processed as well as whose business is already registered under GST.

What all can be changed?

What all can be changed?

Details like Name & place of business, addition/deletion of partners or directors and contact details of the authorized signatory.

Voluntary modification

Voluntary modification 

In case of any error in GST certificate is detected or a change is required, GST modification can be done immediately. 

Other changes

Other changes

In case, any other details have to be changed besides the aforementioned,  GST modification will be done by only filing GST REG 14.

Change in the Company Name

Change in the Company Name.

If there is a change in the name of the business firm or the company name, the same should be immediately updated with GST modification.

Can PAN Be changed?

Can PAN Be changed?

No. If there is a change of a PAN of a business firm, it can be updated with new GST registration.


Any change or alteration made in the GST Registration or the details entered in the GST  certificate is referred to as GST modification. One may opt for Amendment in GST Registration if he wishes from composite to normal scheme, or if there are mistakes in GST registration. To get GST modification, you need to file form GST REG 14.


Since the beginning of GST regime in 2017, the taxpayers could register under 2 schemes- normal scheme and composite scheme. One could also shift from normal to composite scheme. 
However, the government had declared 31st March 2018 as the deadline to get GST Registration under composite scheme by filing Form GST CMP-02. Now, one can't shift from normal to the composite scheme but can go vice-versa with a GST modification.

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process 1

Provide the required business details and information to our web portal.

process 2

Choose a package and pay online with different payment modes available.

process 3

On placing an order, your application will be assigned to one of our dedicated professionals.

process 4

On successful submission of all your details, the Form GST REG 14 will be filed.

process 5

Our professional shall make follow up for processing modification of GST application online.

process 6

After verification of GST REG 14 by GST officer, form GST REG 15 shall be provided.

Documents Required For GST Modification


Documentary Proof of Changes


GST Certificate



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Plus taxes

Change in Non-core fields such as
Contact Details





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Plus taxes

Change in core fields-
  • Legal Name of the Business
  • Addition / Deletion of Stakeholders
  • Principal / Additional Place of Business





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Plus taxes

Change from Composite to Regular scheme





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frequently asked questions
If you have a GST registration of one state and you wish to take GST registration in another state, you will have to opt for GST cancellation of your existing GST certificate and apply for fresh GST registration in another state.

Following are the core fields in GST registration-
  • Legal Name of the Business
  • Name & details of Stakeholders
  • Principal / Additional Places of Business

All those details are referred to as the Non-core fields under GST Registration that are related to GST application except for-
  • Legal name of the business, 
  • Name & details of the stakeholder's and 
  • principal or additional place of business
No. The GST registration can't be restored after GST cancellation. If GST registration is surrendered by mistake, it will be cancelled for sure.
Yes, if you can add an additional business address to your existing GST certificate.
Yes, you can, our professional can assist you migrating composition to the regular scheme through GST modification.
No, GST department has discontinued this facility with effect from 31st March, 2018.

Yes, we can assist you in getting GST modification in your town as well.

No, You don’t need to be physically present for the process, E-StartupIndia is an online catering platform all you need is an internet connection in your phone/computer and the required documents with you and we can get the job done no matters even if you are present at the remotest location of India.

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