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About ISBN Registration


It is mandatory for all the book publishing houses to display ISBN number on all the books published by them.


An ISBN number on a book gives an assurance that the book is truly genuine and is not plagiarised, pirated, offensive or spurious.

One-time Process

ISBN registration process is one-time process. The publisher of books need not apply for renewal of ISBN registration.

Global recognition

On searching ISBN number of a book on ISBN portal one can find all details of the book e.g. name and details of the book and its author.

Access to bibliographic databases.

These are databases are set up by ISBN to help libraries and book trade organizations to give a timely update to the customers.

Uniform Format for publishing

ISBN Enables a publisher to specify a particular edition of a book and a uniform format to publish that particular book.


ISBN is an acronym for International Standard Book Number, is a unique 13-digit numeric code used to identify the commercial books. Earlier, ISBN consisted of 10 digits till December 2006. After 1 January 2007, this was increased to 13. The ISBN is allotted after calculation with a secret mathematical formula. Moreover, they consist of a ‘check-digit’ to validate the number.


Every ISBN comprises 5 essential components and each segment is separated with spaces (below barcode) or hyphens (above barcode). The 5 elements of ISBN code have been given below:
  • Prefix element – The ISBN number begins with 978 or 979. This is the prefix element.
  • Registration group element – This part denotes the particular country, state, or region from the international ISBN system. This may consist of 1 to 5 digits.
  • Registrant element – This element is to identify the publisher. This may comprise up to 7 digits in length.
  • Publication element – This part signifies the specific edition and format of a particular title. This can be of up to 6 digits.
  • Check digit – This is the concluding part, which is the last single digit of the ISBN code. It mathematically validates the rest part of the ISBN number. This is basically calculated with a “Mod 10” system with alternating weights of 1 and 3.

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frequently asked questions
An ISBN code is used by the book publishers, book dealers and libraries for the purpose of ordering, listing and stock management. It enables them to distinguish the publishers and enables them to recognise a specific edition of a specific title in a particular format.
ISBNs are allocated to Publishers in the country where their head office is situated. This is truly irrespective of the language of the publication or the target market for the book.
The following products that are not text-based in nature, do not qualify for an ISBN:
  • Serials, periodicals, magazines and journals.
  • Record books
  • Audio/Video VCDs, DVDs and other media
  • Computer games
  • Computer application
  • Items available to a restricted group, e.g. a course book only available to student on the course.
  • Websites
  • Other Non-text-based publications.
Following persons are eligible for ISBN Registration-
  • Any Publisher who is involved in the publication of valid product for sale and distribution in the market
  • Any author whose name is given on the cover page of the book along with the title,
  • Institutions holding Seminars and Conferences on a specific topic.
No, unused ISBN can't be passed on to other users. An ISBN code is broken down into group identifier, publisher identifier and title identifier. This means all ISBN numbers show publisher identifier, and all products identified by ISBN from that batch will be considered as being published by that publisher
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique 13-digit numeric code used to distinguish the commercial books. The ISBN is allotted by calculation using a secret mathematical formula. Moreover, they consist of a ‘check-digit’ to validate the number.
The ISBN is a truly unique code which is assigned after thorough calculation using a secret mathematical formula. Apart from that, the ISBN code consists of a special ‘check-digit’ that further authenticates the number.
ISBN number tells about various details regarding the book for which it is allotted. On searching the ISBN of a book on the ISBN portal one can find all details of the book i.e. the name and details of the book and its author.
Given below are some of the benefits of getting an ISBN number-
  • For selling publications through influential supply chains, or over the web, an ISBN is essentially needed for processing and ordering systems.
  • The ISBN provides access to the bibliographic databases, which are used by the book publishers and libraries to provide information to customers.
  • The ISBN, hence, provides access to bibliographic details of the books and this can help boost the sales of the publication.
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