APEDA sets up export promotion body to boost Dairy Products

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APEDA (Agricultural or Processed Meals Export Development Authority) has organized an EPF (Export Production Forum or Discussion Board) to encourage exports of dairy products and address numerous problems in the sector. In this article, we will discuss APEDA sets up export promotion body to boost dairy products

APEDA sets up export promotion body

The management has documented 2 clusters- Mathura in UP and Banaskantha in Gujarat- to grow dairy merchandise. Small dairy owners and farmers in these clusters would be provided virtual coaching and help in capability building to develop to become exporters, he said.

Also, APEDA has mooted the latest monetary assistance for purchasing the export of dairy products. The proposal, pending support from the Centre, would help dairy products improve their facilities and increase their infrastructure.

Probing further, these schemes are National Programme for dairy development, Dairy Entrepreneurship development scheme, Nationwide dairy plan, which helps dairy collaboratives and dairy processing, he said.

Schemes Introduced by Central Government

The ministry has the scheme to grow infrastructure under the Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund, which is part of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, Angamuthu said.

Moreover, in this scheme, investments by private firms, entrepreneurs, farmers, companies, farmers producers organizations, and farmers are incentivized to verify dairy processing “animal feed plant” and value addition infrastructure, the chairman of APEDA said.

Also, mentioning that dairy products have been concluded within the incentive scheme of productivity linked to aiding the private sector.

Further Notification By APEDA

India confronted a major issue in the global market relating to the occurrence of foot and mouth disease in cattle. To solve this, the authority has registered 5.6 crore cultivators to grow the Animal Husbandry.

Besides, about 1.02 crore animals have been vaccinated or 15.8 crore animals have been tagged against FMD. Also, the department has issued Pashu Adhar that is a 12 digit green card like an identity for buffaloes or cows for traceability, he said.

Alongside, APEDA organized a Webinar on May 28 on Cloud in cooperation with the Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, or dairying on the shipping of dairy stock: problems and prospects.

It was mainly held for farmers producer organizations or farmers to grow entrepreneurs. Plus, APEDA has also virtual buyer-seller meets to allow exporters to work together and cooperate with buyers abroad directly.

It is pretty clear that with the help of APEDA Registration people may get tremendous advantages. As APEDA sets up an export encouragement body to increase dairy exports.

APEDA Agriculture and Processed Products exports jump by 24%

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