APEDA Registration

Online APEDA Registration Process

Online APEDA Registration Process

As we know under the Agricultural and processed food authority With this act coming into effect, APEDA replaced the Processed Food Export Promotion Council (PFEPC). In this article, we will discuss on the APEDA’s Online Registration Process. APEDA’s Online Registration Process. For APEDA Registration, the applicant should submit the application form within 1 month from … Read more

Operation Green 2020 Scheme: 50% Subsidy for Fruits and Vegetables

Operation Green

The central government has originated the Operation Green Scheme to control the prices of tomatoes, potatoes, and onion (TOP). In this article, we will discuss the whole concept of Operation Green. Operation Green 2020 The central government on October 19, 2020, announced a new scheme- Operation Green- under which a 50 percent subsidy will be … Read more