APEDA Registration

Flower Exports from India- APEDA Registration

Flower exports from India

The Indian government recognizes Floriculture as an upcoming industry with many benefits, such as a 100% export-oriented market. Due to the steady rise in demand, flower exports from India are rising daily. Besides, it has become one of the most important commercial trades in agriculture. As a result, commercial Floriculture has evolved into a high-tech … Read more

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – Agriculture Commodities for Export

Agricultural commodity exports

Globally, India is the second-largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables. Industry professionals and various researchers expect the fruits and vegetables processing industry in India to grow at a CAGR of 7.62% between FY 2018 – FY 2023 and achieve an Rs. 256.4 billion value at the end of FY 2023. Currently, the commercial processing … Read more

An Overview of Floriculture- Objectives and Functions

Overview on Floriculture

Flowers are one of the best things that we all enjoy. They are appealing and essential to have a pollution-free environment in cities. The branch of horticulture dealing with the cultivation of flowers is Floriculture. The trends show Floriculture is very profitable in the export business. In this article, we will look at an overview … Read more

How to get a subsidy for Hydroponics

How to get a subsidy for Hydroponics

Hydroponics is soil-less cultivation where plants are grown without soil and by furnishing nutrients to water and roots are submerged in water to grow (soil-less growth of plants and without conventional soil. Also, It implies artificial means to help and nutrient solutions to provide the required nutrition to plants. In this article, we will discuss … Read more

How To Export Honey, Jaggery And Sugar Products From India

Export Honey Jaggery And Sugar Products

Jaggery is the fairest and leading product for India in the export-import business and Jaggery is a crude regular sugar that is delivered without adding any synthetics. Over 70% of the finished world jaggery production is performed in India. In this Article, we will explain how to Export Honey, Jaggery And Sugar Products From India. … Read more

An Overview of Hydroponic Farming 

An Overview of Hydroponic Farming

In the modern age, we are witnessing a surge in new technologies across the globe. As the global population is increasing with each passing day, so is the challenge of feeding them. Add to this the rapidly exhausting natural resources. There is a severe need to develop new techniques in agriculture to grow food in … Read more

How To Start Import Export Business In India

How To Start Import Export Business In India

Commencing an Import-export business is one of the best approaches to attain your profit goals which are higher to do well in the international market. Selling the product in the domestic market may lead to getting a limited amount of profit margin. But practising the initiative to make a foothold in the international market needs … Read more

How to Start Meat Export Business in India

How to start Meat Export Business in india

As we know India is the biggest buffalo meat exporting country (Carabeef) globally, with a smaller amount of sheep meat. Production and export of meat from India originated in the year 1969, During the last 49 years, the quantity of meat & Processed Meat exported from India has been progressing and so also the number … Read more

New Business Opportunities for Investors in Agriculture

New Business Opportunities for Investors in Agriculture

As we know, Agriculture plays a fundamental role in the Indian economy. It is a significant sector of the Indian economy as it renders about 17% of the whole GDP and furnishes employment to over 60% of the population. Also, it generates good profit opportunities for the farmers and other private sector players who have … Read more

Scheduled Products Under APEDA

Scheduled Products Under Apeda

As we know, APEDA is an Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority which is the organization of the government founded in 1985. Also, it aids to provide financial assistance, proper guidelines towards the extension of the scheduled product. In this article, we will discuss the Scheduled Products Under APEDA. Know about APEDA Registration … Read more