GST on Educational Institutions

Gst on educational institutions

As we know Education is one of the major sectors of any economy. The education of the country’s youth decides how the economy of that country will prosper. Education advances understanding, vision, creativity and productivity of people which assists in the advancement of a country. In India, Education is rendered with both by the public … Read more

Trademark Registration for Household Items and Kitchen Utensils: Trademark Class 21

trademark class 21

A known trademark not only directs the trademark owner with the particular right to use the mark but also entitles the owner to restrict others from using a related mark that can be tough for the general public. With trademark registration, one can intensify the business. Trademark Application has listed under 45 different classes that … Read more

GST collection November 2020 crosses 1 lakh crore in FY 2020-21

GST Collection November 2020

For the second time, GST acquisitions in November reached over Rs 1.05 lakh crore, crossing Rs 1 lakh crore targets since October this year. In this article, we will discuss on GST collection November 2020. GST collection November 2020 The government announced that it collected GST amounting to ₹ 1,05 lakh crore in November. The … Read more

Government Tender for Transport Agencies

Government Tender for Travel Agencies

Everyone knows that the transportation sector is the lifeline of our economy. Being a tertiary sector action, transportation services connect the gap between different industries. It supports the rapid and hassle-free exchange of supply by ruling out all the hindrances in the entire supply chain. Very importantly, the transportation of goods takes place in India … Read more

ISO Certification for Hotels and Luxury Resorts

As we all know ISO Certification for quality management systems gives the delegation to consistency, continual improvement and patient satisfaction. These are tangible benefits for ISO certification for the Hospitality industry. They are put in the position to assure quality, safety, and efficiency, and trust the international standard that defines the terms for different standards … Read more

Trademark Registration for Furniture and Plastic Goods: Trademark Class 20

Trademark Class 20

If you’re commencing a new business or enterprise, the first thing you prepare to separate yourself from the rest. A “trademark” is that sign you will concede doing so. With trademark registration, one can enhance the business. Trademark Application has described under 45 different classes that are based on a kind of business enterprise. In … Read more

Government Tender for Gloves

Government Tender for Gloves

As we know gloves are of the utmost significance and vital for avoiding injury, upholding the correct health and safety regulations and avoiding expensive days off due to injury. Having a high level of health and safety is necessary for all businesses no matter their size. As an entrepreneur or business owner, keeping staff and … Read more

GST on Consultancy Services

GST on Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services in India contribute a wide range of staffing requires for a financially savvy, less tedious and skilled practice. It encourages linking to put their whole spotlight on their central business and abstain from overburdening the in-house staff. It provides long-haul advantages to both the organization and its workers. In this article, we will … Read more

Government Tender for Manpower Services

Government Tender for Manpower Services

As we know, the Manpower Services in India had taken a front seat. The manpower recruitment agency is a program where prospective employers meet prospective employees. It is a phenomenal option for job seekers from all fields of education. The basic Moto of the Manpower Services is to assist in planning and promotion of the … Read more

Income Tax refund for AY 2020-21

Income Tax refund for AY 2020-21

The Income Tax Department has issued the new notifications for Income Tax refund for AY 2020-21 Let’s summaries the Notifications issued:- The Income Tax department has issued the notification for the taxpayers who have filed their income tax return (ITR) for the Assessment Year (AY) 2020-21 and haven’t taken the refund so far, A technical … Read more