Digital Signature for IPR & Trademark

Digital Signature for IPR & Trademark

When it comes to online applications, we all must have heard about Digital Signature certificates. The Digital Signature for IPR & Trademark Company Registration etc. is an essential tool to submit the online forms. The Digital Signature Certificate offers several advantages and it has almost become essential to have one. If you are also applying … Read more

Difference between Patent and Trademark Registration

Difference between patent and trademark registration

Patents and trademarks are a type of intellectual property rights that give the creator or a business a decent amount of time to utilize his or her products and services exclusively. Entrepreneurs looking to register intellectual property must understand the distinctions between the two types of registrations and secure the appropriate registrations to protect their … Read more

Difference between Patent and Copyright

Difference between patent and copyright

Every entrepreneur expects that after successfully establishing and maintaining a business, their firm would grow without difficulty. It’s nearly impossible to have no difficulties, but decreasing them is very much achievable. You may come across several ways to minimize various challenges that you may encounter when running your own business. One such solution to protect … Read more