All about Trademark Opposition In India

All about Trademark Opposition In India

An objection submitted by a third party against the registration of a trademark that has been approved and published in the Trademark Journal is known as a trademark opposition. Thus, Trademark Opposition is an important process that helps businesses to oppose the misuse of their trademarks. You can apply for Trademark Opposition within a specific … Read more

Digital Signature for IPR & Trademark

Digital Signature for IPR & Trademark

When it comes to online applications, we all must have heard about Digital Signature certificates. The Digital Signature for IPR & Trademark Company Registration etc. is an essential tool to submit the online forms. The Digital Signature Certificate offers several advantages and it has almost become essential to have one. If you are also applying … Read more

How to Get Trademark Registration without a company in India

How to get trademark registration without a company in india

Whether you are a registered business or a small business working solo, trademark registration is important for everyone. Trademark Registration can play a significant role in the success of your business. However, it is a common question: do I need a Private limited company registration or MSME Registration to get Trademark Registration? Thus, in this … Read more

How to search for Trademark availability

how to search for trademark availability

To register trademark in India, you first need to know how to search for trademark availability. The search for trademark availability plays a crucial role in the complete Trademark Registration process. Thus, if you are applying for trademark registration online, learn how to search for trademark availability. In this article, we will discuss the complete … Read more

How to register Abandoned Trademark in India

How to register abandoned trademark in India

Trademark Registration plays a vital role in everyone’s business. Register trademark in India is beneficial as an asset or a secure method to protect your branding. However, a trademark needs renewal after every ten years. Not renewing trademark registration online can result in an abandoned or dead trademark. In this article, we will know about … Read more

Trademark Registration for Mobile Application

Trademark Registration for mobile application

Mobile Applications are becoming more and more popular. Everyone these days has a smartphone. The smartphones run various mobile applications. Mobile Applications provide all those functionalities that you use. However, most of us also use third-party apps or applications available on the iPhone Store or Google Play Store. In this article, we will understand all … Read more

Logo Designing for Trademark Registration

Logo Designing for Trademark Registration

Logo designing is symbols that combine images and text that help to understand the product. The logo describes the brand and helps consumers understand a product type or product and understand what it is and its principles. There is a lot of commitment to the logo. It describes the diversity of the company and represents … Read more

How to Setup Beauty Salon Business in India

How to SetUp Beauty Saloon Business in India

Beauty Salon Business or Beauty Parlours are a common sight in India. There has also been a 35 percent rise in the parlour or salon business. According to research from a top lifestyle magazine, India’s beauty business would develop twice as quickly as the US and European markets in the next few years. Beauty items, … Read more

Difference between Trademark and Service Mark

Difference between trademark and service mark

Trademarks are a valuable and most popular asset as well as registration in India. However, there is also a lot of confusion relating to Trademarks. To address the most frequently asked questions regarding Trademark Registration, keep reading this article. In this article, we will discuss the difference between trademark and service mark. We will also … Read more