COVID-19 Tests to be done via Rapid Antigen Kit

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On 18th June 2020, Wednesday, the MHA announced that from now the testing of COVID-19 will be done using a brand-new methodology that is Rapid Antigen test.

Every day the corona cases are increasing in huge amount and it is only giving us chill. However, after millions of trials, we can finally see a ray of hope through which the testing of COVID-19 can be done and affected people can get a cure. 

Previously, people were too scared about the cost they need to pay for getting themselves tested for corona but now the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has come up with an excellent solution that can be easily affordable by thousands. This is the Rapid Antigen test.


Rapid Antigen kit to Combat COVID-19 

The Rapid antigen method for testing coronavirus was initially recommended by ICRM – Indian Council of Medical Research and top priority will be given to these kits to check the patient. 

Talking about the charges of this testing, it is believed that the patient will be asked to pay around ₹.2,400 and this operation will resume in Delhi. 

When sources interrogated the MHA, they stated-

“The high-level expert committee’s report on Covid-19 testing rates received by the MHWF has been further sent to the Delhi government for necessary action. The price that is fixed here is ₹2,400”.


Scope of to Rapid antigen combat COVID-19 

The MHA also said that it is important to improve the mapping of contacts in Delhi and to do that multiple health surveys had been conducted.

  • The survey that is conducted is on a sample size of 1,77,692 population which is quite huge and it has been done on 15th and 16th June in more than 200 containment zones. 
  • The ICMR director Dr. Balram Bhargava wrote a letter to the Union Health Ministry in which he requested the organization to rapidly increase the testing, especially in the containment zones using the rapid antigen detection test method. 
  • These kits will help doctors and medical staff to treat patients fast without investing much time in the laboratory examination that is done to identify the diagnosis. 

This is one of the latest COVID-19 updates that citizens of the country have come across and if the COVID-19 test will start with Rapid Antigen kit then the life of the medical industry will become easier. 

Stay tuned with us to keep receiving the latest news on COVID-19. Stay home and safe!

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