Difference between ISI and ISO Certification

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Standards play an important role in the success of any business. But which standards to choose ISI or ISO? This question is common among many businesses in India.  ISO is international, so experts prefer it over any other standards. On the other hand, ISI is an Indian Organization, so it is quite popular in India. In this article, we will understand the difference between ISI and ISO Certification.

What is ISO?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international non-governmental organization consisting of national standardization bodies. The ISO develops and publishes a  range of proprietary, industrial and commercial standards and is composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. However, ISO alone does not certify organizations.

To get certified, you need to contact a third-party auditor who will verify your business and assess whether your processes, goods, and services meet  ISO standards. Most companies start with ISO 9001 certification, which serves as the basis for most of all other ISO standards.

What is ISI Certification?

ISI (Indian Standardization Institute) is India’s national standards body under the  Department of Consumer Affairs. It was established by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 which came into force on October 12, 2017. As a national standards body, it has 25 members from the central or state government, industry, scientific and research institutes, and consumer organizations. Its head office is in New Delhi.

The main functions of the ISI or BIS are the creation, recognition, and promotion of  Indian Standards. ISI has identified 15 sectors that are important to Indian industry and must comply with Indian Standards. The ISI Standards are reviewed and formulated regularly in line with technological developments to maintain alignment with International Standards set by ISO.

Difference between ISI and ISO certification in terms of advantages

Both ISI Registration and ISO Certification provide significant advantages to the organizations. However, there are some certain differences as well which you should keep in mind while applying for any of this.

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Advantages of ISI Advantages of ISO Certification
It provides quality assurance of goods in India. ISO Certification provides quality assurance of goods or services worldwide.
ISI Certificate is valid only for one year. The certification from ISO is valid generally for a longer period than ISO. It depends on the ISO Certification type and usually, it is valid for three years.
Achieving ISI Certification is easier in India. ISO Certification requires detailed implementation of International Standards which may take time. However, ISO Certifications become a better option in the long run.
Standards in this certification aids in getting new business opportunities in India. Standards set by ISO aid in getting business opportunities internationally.
You can get an ISI mark from BIS. ISO doesn’t provide the certification directly, You get it through this-party inspection bodies.
ISI Mark signifies the healthcare of the final consumer. ISO Certification suits both small and large businesses.
ISI Registration is most preferred and even mandatory for some manufacturing industries. The Certification from ISO applies to every type of industry whether it’s service or manufacturing or even government agencies.

Thus, to conclude the difference between ISI and ISO Certification is that both are valuable in their own unique way. The ISI Mark is crucial in the Indian Manufacturing business. On the other hand, ISO Certification provides global recognition to all kinds of products and services. So, it’s best to apply for both and grow your business successfully.

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