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In India, the railway is the most popular and widely used mode of passenger land transportation. The Indian railway system is the fourth-largest in the world. Only a small percentage of people carry food with them; most are tourists, employees, and regular passengers. To serve food beneath the shed of railway property, many food business operators need a food license, and it would be very convenient for the passengers to receive food in between journeys.

Together with the Indian Railways in 2018, the FSSAI resolved to implement several reformative measures to control the food catering services provided by the Indian Railways. This action was initiated roughly 14 days after the incident involving the Puri-Howrah Shatabdi Express, where passengers complained of illnesses brought on by the train’s food, which was served. Let’s look at the Food licensing and Registration for Indian Railways.

What does FSSAI mean for train catering providers?

Any food vendor producing less than 100 kg/liters of food per day or with a yearly income of less than Rs. 12 lakhs must register with the FSSAI through basic FSSAI Registration. This includes petty shopkeepers, hawkers, owners of temporary food stalls, and other small-scale food industry operators. Catering businesses with yearly revenue of more than Rs 12 lakhs must have an FSSAI license.

Who may apply for an Indian Railways Food License?

Every food business operator regardless of turnover or anything else must apply for FSSAI Registration for operating near railways or if providing food products in trains. It doesn’t matter if you are selling fast food or essential food products, you are required to have valid and active FSSAI Registration certificate as per the government rules and regulations.

What is the procedure to apply for FSSAI Registration?

  •  Evaluate Annual Turnover to assess requirement of Basic Registration/ State License / Central License
  •  Arrange Documents (Photo, ID Proof, Address Proof)
  • Submit FSSAI Application Form and pay the government fee
  • Check FSSAI Application from time to time for clarification.
  • After successful verification from the FSSAI, FSSAI Certificate will be issued within 15–45 days.

What are the benefits of FSSAI Registration?

Awareness Among Consumers

In this era of information technology, customers are getting more knowledgeable about the standard and cleanliness of food. Consumers want to have food that is FSSAI compliant since it gives them more assurance that the food is of high quality and is free of contamination and adulteration before making any purchases from other sources.

Business becomes Compliant with the Law

Most people believe that obtaining a food license is a time-consuming process that involves a huge amount of paperwork. There is also the myth that obtaining a food license costs a lot of money. Therefore, for a new firm, not obtaining a food license would be a huge loss. However, reality is the exact reverse of this. By paying small fees to one of the many FSSAI License experts, FSSAI Registration may be readily obtained. In reality, businesses operating without an FSSAI Registration are subject to severe penalties. In comparison to having a food license, which also provides you with an official registration certificate, this fine and penalty are rather high.

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The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India establishes the hygienic and safety norms that guarantee the accessibility of healthy and nutritious food in the food industry. Out of all the permits necessary to operate a business smoothly and free from legal snags, fssai registration is one of the most crucial.

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