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Selling and purchasing products and services online is referred to as e-commerce. One can also sell food items on e-commerce platforms and also start their own e-commerce food business. Fresh fruits, vegetables, packaged foods, and other goods are now sold on all major e-commerce platforms. Therefore, it is also important for businesses to get FSSAI License for e-commerce business in India.

Importance of FSSAI License for e-commerce business in India

The Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 (FSS Act) prohibits e-commerce companies from dealing in any food product without an FSSAI license. Irrespective of their capacity or turnover threshold restriction, e-commerce enterprises must apply for an FSSAI Central License.

What are FSSAI licenses and registrations?

FSSAI: FSSAI is an independent agency that reports to the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Through the regulation and oversight of food safety, the FSSAI is tasked with safeguarding and promoting public health through FSSAI Registration online  or License.

FSSAI Registration: A FSSAI registration r, often known as a food license number, is a 14-digit number that must be there on food packaging or shown in establishments. The producer’s permit or enrollment details and the state where the assembly is taking place are disclosed via this 14-digit FSSAI license number. In simple words, it is a unique identification number of your business that shows you are adhering to FSSAI Standards and are registered with FSSAI.

Business Models for E-Commerce

In India, the FSSAI establishes food standards and oversees e-commerce food firms. E-commerce food business operators (FBOs), according to the FSSAI, are those who run their operations using an internet platform or social media. Following are the business models for E-Commerce Business for food businesses.

  • Inventory-Based Approach: E-commerce business/company owns the inventory and food services in an inventory-based model. They market food directly to customers.
  • Market-Based Approach: In this model, an e-commerce business serves as a middleman between IT platforms for buyers, sellers, marketers, and producers of food goods. Through the platform offered by the e-commerce companies, the sellers, manufacturers, and marketers sell food to the customers.
  • Hybrid Model: In this model, the e-commerce businesses serve as a marketplace and retailers or wholesalers. Both service fees and proceeds from selling goods provide them with income.

Documents Needed to Register with FSSAI

  • Details of the Food Business Operator or the Applicant
  • Supporting documents such as NOC
  • Pan Card
  • Company Incorporation Documents

For detailed document requirements and preparation, you can consult our team of FSSAI Registration experts on 8881-069-069.

FSSAI License Benefits for E-commerce Businesses

  • Consumers can feel more confident that your goods and services comply with all safety regulations if you have an FSSAI license.
  • Increased customer onboarding and customer awareness.It will enable you to grow your services and help you expand your business into new areas.
  • Regulation, production, and storage of imported food will be aided.
  • Legal compliances will build a solid image with the government authorities and you will be able to claim the benefits of other schemes.
  • FSSAI logo on your products will help you in building a brand value and credibility as the people in E-commerce business can not see your manufacturing process.


Given its advantages and the severity of the fines it might result in, an FSSAI license is essential for an e-commerce business. Since it may be done online, getting an FSSAI license is a simple process through our app or website.  Apart from FSSAI Registration, E-Commerce businesses also mandatorily need GST Registration to operate their business in India.

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