Halal License Certification Registration

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Halal is an Arabic word signifying permissible or lawful. Having a Halal License Certification ensures products such as food items served or delivered obey Islamic law. The halal certificate also helps you to sell your products among various Muslim countries. Moreover, this Certification isn’t only about religious matters. It also ensures your products and services are safe and healthy for consumption.

You can get the halal certificate for various products ranging from meat products, milk to packed foods and additives. Spotting Halal products is very easy as the products with Halal Certification have marks of the Halal Symbol. Getting a Halal Certificate depends on multiple factors such as size and type of products you are selling. This article will inform you about this Certification, it’s benefits, and the other two crucial certifications related to it.

Types of Halal Certification

As we read above, this Certification is available for many products and services. These Halal products and services come under six major categories. These categories are as follows.

  • Halal Certified Restaurants,
  • Food, Beverage and Catering Halal Certification,
  • SlaughterHouse Halal Certification,
  • Product Based Halal Certificates,
  • Halal Certified Industries,
  • Halal Certified Storage and Warehouses.

Benefits of Halal Certification

  • It helps in increasing the business by exporting products in the global market,
  • Use of Halal Logo signifies trust for the customers,
  • Customer Satisfaction,
  • Ease to Marketability in Muslim Countries
  • Hygiene Maintenance plus cost-effective techniques to manufacture products,
  • Helps in representing Quality Products worldwide.

Halal Certification Procedure

It only involves three steps that are as follows.

  • Apply to Halal Government Authority.
  • Clear the Audit by the representative of Halal Government authorities.
  • Get the certificate from them.

Other Significant  Certifications

There are two certifications which are also important for food and safety standards i.e ISO 22000  and FSSAI Registration.

ISO complies with International Organization for Standardization, and FSSAI complies with India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority. A third party issues both these certificates after a proper application procedure.

Having ISO 22000 Certification and FSSAI Registration also shows that your company is concerned about food safety and helps you gain customers’ trust. Moreover, these certifications are recognized globally, so acquiring them will also establish you in the international market.

These two certificates are very crucial for running food manufacturing and food supplying businesses. Both certificates help you acquire customer satisfaction and expansion of trade.

In addition to this, these two certifications are a vital requirement before entering the food business as they save you from legal breaches and provide your company with licensed advantages.

Online APEDA Registration Process

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