History of Barcodes

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For the feasible checkout from the retail store, a barcode was introduced. But it went through a lot of phases and the History of Barcodes describes the same. Earlier, in 1932, William Flint was eager for automated retail checkout and he tried every aspect to bring his ideas on the floor. With time, Bernard Silver and Woodland developed a prototype and termed it as article classification because it helps to identify the patterns.

History of Barcodes

Barcode came into existence in 1960 and it was accessible for commercial purposes in 1966. But any tool that comes into the market must follow the standards and it was Logicon Inc. who developed Universal Grocery Products Identification Code (UGPIC).

American Monarch Marking Company was the first one to bring the UGPIC equipment on the floor for retail purposes. However, for the industrial use of Barcode, Plessey Telecommunications (British Company) manufactured the barcode equipment.

During the early days of the usage of the Barcode, many symbols and patterns came such as Bull-s eye code, numeral codes, and many more. It was Kroger Store at Cincinnati that began to use the bull’s eye code in 1972.

Still, the standard code was missing from the barcode, which means a universal code is required that is applicable for all the retailers. Considering the same, grocery industries formed a committee to look out for a standard code for a barcode. Many industries put their ideas but the ideas and design of IBM that supports UGPIC were highly applauded. Later on, in 1973, the idea of IBM was accepted and further launched the UC symbol similar to UGPIC.

First-time use of Barcode

The first time, UPC Scanner was used at Marsh’s supermarket situated in Troy, Ohio. Since then the barcoding of products started and the first product was Wrigley’s Gum. Barcode Registration was then started and applicable for the retailers to access the features of Barcode.

Many changes done in the barcode and one such was the introduction of bars and stripes. This was all about the History of Barcode and software based on barcode helps the small and medium retailers to perform the work efficiently.

While accessing the Barcode software, Barcode Registration is essential. It is a quick and time-saving process. So, every business owner must go for the registration to manage the products and sell the same efficiently.

Benefits of Barcode Registration

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