How to change business details in the GST Registration certificate?

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In order to simplify India’s indirect tax structure and lessen the impact of additional levies, the country adopted a consumption-based tax system known as the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It is the responsibility of any business that has registered for GST to keep their GST registration certificate updated at all times. This post will explain how to update your company’s information on your GST registration certificate.

What is a GST Registration certificate?

Businesses who have completed the necessary steps to become GST compliant will get a GST registration from the GST department. You’ll find the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), company name, and address, among other essentials, in this. In the event of a change in the company’s information, it is necessary to revise the GST registration certificate. Moreover, it is also important for businesses to display their GST Registration or GSTIN on their business premises.

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Stepwise Process to update GST Registration Certificate

The following are the steps to update your business information on your GST registration certificate:

Login to the GST portal:

The first thing to do is enter the GSTIN and password into the official GST portal.

Go to the ‘Services’ tab:

After signing in, go to the homepage and click the ‘Services’ button. To make changes to your registration information, click on “Registration” and then “Amendment of registration details” here.

Choose the right application:

Choose the right form from the alternatives provided based on the nature of the adjustment being made. When changing the company name, for instance, use the GST REG-13 form.

Give more information:

After deciding on the appropriate form, complete it with the new company information. Be sure that the information you submit is complete and accurate.

Upload any necessary paperwork:

Depending on the type of update, you may need to upload supporting papers such as a PAN card, GST registration certificate, and a utility bill showing your current residence.

Submit the Application:

After you’ve filled out the form and attached any necessary files, you can send it off by clicking the “Submit” button. All submitted applications are assigned a unique identification number that serves as a means of monitoring their progression.

Approval by the GST officer: 

Assuming everything looks good upon inspection by the GST officer, the requested alterations will be made.

Download the updated GST registration certificate:

As soon as the modifications are accepted, the new GST registration certificate can be obtained from the GST website.

It’s vital to remember that the procedure for updating the GST registration will differ depending on the type of update and the state in which the company is registered. If you’re still unsure, it’s best to ask a GST professional or check in with the GST office for clarification.


In conclusion, updating your company’s information on your GST registration certificate is a breeze when done through the GST portal. Verify that the correct form and any necessary supporting documents have been uploaded, and double-check that all information supplied is correct and comprehensive. Following the aforementioned procedures and maintaining an accurate GST registration  will protect firms from fines and legal complications.

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