How To Do Trademark Registration In Mumbai

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Protecting your brand is essential for any successful business in Mumbai and across India. Trademark registration provides a powerful legal shield for your brand, safeguarding your identity and preventing infringement. This article will guide you on the stepwise process to do Trademark Registration in Mumbai.

Steps to do Trademark Registration in Mumbai

Choose a Unique Trademark:

Select a trademark that is distinct, original, and does not resemble existing trademarks. Your trademark should be original to prevent potential conflicts with other brands.

Conduct a Trademark Search:

Utilise the online trademark search facility at the IPIndia public search to ensure your chosen trademark is not already registered. Know the why is it important to conduct a trademark search along with the process through our detailed guide at: How to search for Trademark availability

File a Trademark Application:

Download and complete the Trademark Registration Application form from the IP India website.

Submit the Application:

Choose between electronically submitting the completed form or filing it in person at the Mumbai office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks.

Pay the Application Fee:

Payment options include online and offline methods. You must pay the application fee after submission of all the required documents.

Address Objections:

Respond promptly to requests for clarification during the examination process to address any objections that may arise. To avoid objections or if you already have received an objection, you can hire a trademark registration expert from E-StartupIndia for guidance and proper handling of objections. To contact the expert right now, visit Trademark Objection Reply  


Receive Your Registration Certificate:

Once all steps are completed and any objections are addressed, you will receive your official trademark registration certificate. Explore in detail: Trademark Registration process Flowchart

Process to check Trademark Registration Application Status

Read our guide at 7 Easy Steps to check Trademark Application Status Online and you can check your application status online with ease.

Trademark Registration Fees and Costs in Mumbai:

The expenses related to trademark registration in Mumbai can differ depending on factors like the application type, the number of classes, and whether professional assistance is sought. It is recommended to refer to the official fee schedule or seek advice from a trademark attorney for a clear understanding of the specific costs associated.

Know more about it: Attorney Meeting Intake Form for Business Name Trademark Registration

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Mumbai:

  • Exclusive Usage Rights: Enjoy the legal right to use your trademark and prevent others from using it without your permission.
  • Protection Against Infringement: Take legal action against any unauthorized use of your registered trademark.
  • Increased Brand Value: A registered trademark fosters trust and recognition, enhancing your brand’s value.
  • Simplified International Protection: Trademark registration in Mumbai facilitates the process of obtaining protection in other countries.

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Validity and Renewal of Trademarks in India

You can renew your registration through a simple online process before the expiry date to maintain its legal protection. Here is the stepwise process: How to Renew your Trademark Registration Online in India 

Your trademark registration in India remains valid for 10 years.

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