How to solve your GST suspend status problem?

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Failure to comply with GST rules can lead to the cancellation or suspension of a GST number. Therefore, Businesses cannot make any taxable supplies after the suspension of their GST Registration. In this article, you will discover how to fix your GST suspended problem.

Stepwise Process to solve your GST Suspend Status Problem

Businesses eligible for drop proceedings are those with GST registration suspended on or after December 1, 2022, due to non-filing of GSTR-3B for six months or two quarters.

The suspended GSTIN can be automatically restored once GST Return Filing is done.

However, if that doesn’t happen. You need to apply for restoration.

Taxpayers can initiate drop proceedings by clicking ‘Initiate Drop Proceeding’ after filing pending GST returns.

  1. Firstly, Log in to the GST portal.
  2. Navigate to the ‘User Services’ tab within the ‘Services’ menu. Select the ‘View Notices and Orders’ option from the available options.
  3. Locate the ‘Initiate Drop Proceeding’ button adjacent to the message box, as illustrated below.
  4. Click the ‘Initiate Drop Proceeding’ button. The system will display a confirmation message indicating that the drop proceedings have been successfully initiated, as shown below.
  5. Lastly, There is no need to wait for the restoration of GST registration, as the proceedings will automatically drop.

Important Note: Businesses whose GST registration was suspended after December 1, 2022, due to non-filing of GSTR-3B for six months or two quarters can use the above process to  initiate drop proceedings to revoke the suspension. However, If GST registration was suspended before December 1, 2022, or the time limit to respond to the show-cause notice has expired, businesses must contact their jurisdictional tax officer to revoke the suspension. You will need to appeal against cancellation of GST registration.

Tips to keep in mind to avoid GST Suspend Status Problem

Ensure Timely Filing of GST Returns

  • Adhere to Due Dates: Punctual filing of GST returns is crucial for maintaining compliance with tax regulations. Familiarise yourself with the applicable deadlines and avoid missing them to prevent penalties and potential suspension.
  • Utilize Automated Reminders: Leverage technology to set reminders for upcoming GST return filing dates. This proactive approach ensures timely submission and helps you stay on top of your compliance obligations concerning GST Registration.
  • Seek Assistance When Needed: If you encounter difficulties in preparing or filing your GST returns, seek guidance from a tax professional. They can provide tailored support and ensure accurate filing, minimizing the risk of suspension.

Maintain Consistent Tax Payment Habits

  • Reconcile and Pay Tax Dues Regularly: Regularly reconcile your GST accounts to determine the exact amount of tax payable. Make timely payments to avoid defaults and potential suspension.
  • Set Up Payment Reminders: Utilize automated payment reminders or schedule recurring payments to ensure timely tax settlements. This approach eliminates the risk of inadvertent delays and maintains your compliance status.
  • Explore Electronic Payment Options: Consider opting for electronic payment methods, such as online banking or electronic payment gateways, for example Instabill provides electric payment options in collaboration with leading banks along with several other features such as payment reminders, invoicing, inventory management and much more.

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