How to Update or Edit Family Details in ESIC Registration Portal Online

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To edit family details in ESIC Registration, you need to contact your employer in case you are an employee. Employers can follow the basic steps mentioned in this article to update or edit family details in ESIC Registration Portal Online.

Steps to Update or Edit Family Details in ESIC Registration Portal Online

  • Use your registered user id and password to log into the ESIC site for your workplace.
  • Using the ESIC portal main page, select “Update particulars of insured person” under the employee area.
  • Now, click on search and input the insured’s IP details or numbered address. Next, the employee’s name will be shown. Select the Edit option from the drop-down menu.
  • The employee’s family data can be updated by clicking on the “Family Details” link. You have the option to make changes to previously updated information as well.
  • ESIC will next add your family members to your account if you have accepted and clicked on the submit button on the declaration.
  • In the event that the insured individual wishes to remove a family member from the list of active family members, they should do so.
  • Upon completing the update process on ESIC Portal, the employer will issue a new ESIC Pehchan card with the revised information.
  • The new Pehchan card allows the insured person and his or her family members to receive medical care at their local ESIC facilities.

Important Note: The most recommended browser to update or edit family details in ESIC Registration Portal Online is Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome.

Eligibility for ESIC Registration

To be eligible for the ESIC Registration, a factory or other enterprise must have at least ten full-time employees and a monthly salary of not more than Rs 21,000 per employee to qualify.

What are the benefits of ESI Registration for Employees?

When an employee is unable to work, he or she is covered by the ESIC. Employees who are unable to work because of illness, pregnancy, or an injury sustained on the job also get financial help to make up for lost pay. The ESI plan also covers the medical expenses of the employee’s dependents.

What are the benefits of ESIC Registration Online for Employers?

The employers can comply with rules and regulations of India through ESIC Registration. Employers can also utilize ESIC Registration to attract the right talent for their business. It can also be used as a perk to retain the human resource for your business.

Is ESIC Registration a legal requirement for all employers?

Yes. Companies with more than 10 workers and earnings below Rs.21,000 per month (Rs.25,000 per month for employees with disabilities) are required to register with the ESIC and contribute to the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme (ESI).

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