Requirement of FSSAI registration for Tea Business

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India is one of the largest producers of Tea. Furthermore, it is also one of the largest consumers of tea. As a result, In India, the tea business is one of the most lucrative. In different parts of India, there are numerous tea manufacturers, repackers, and merchants. In this article, we shall understand all about the concept of  FSSAI registration for Tea Business.

Furthermore, Tea is now being sold on online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, as well as other online selling platforms, which is quite profitable for food company owners. However, still there is an important concept that food business operators dealing with Tea Businesses must know. It is Requirement of FSSAI Registration.

Is there any Requirement of FSSAI Registration for Tea Business?

All food-related permits in India are regulated by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Tea is a common beverage in India, and it is drunk practically everywhere. As a result, the FSSAI must put in place regulation to verify that the tea supplied is safe to consume.

Furthermore, a FSSAI Registration for Tea Business ensures the public that the tea they are drinking meets the essential food safety standards.

It also aids in demonstrating that the product is neither contaminated or adulterated.

If you want to start a tea company in India, firstly, you’ll need to get clearance or Registration from the FSSAI.

Fulfilling the requirement of FSSAI Registration for Tea Business is mandatory for all tea operations, whether they are for exportation or for the domestic market.

Besides, The customer has grown more aware of what they are eating in recent years. They make certain that the food they buy is entirely free of any type of disease or impurity. Consumers are more conscious of food safety compliance these days, and prefer to buy food or tea that has been authorized by the FSSAI Department.

Rules and Regulations to Follow as set by FSSAI

  • The FSSAI has banned the use of any colorant in tea, but has authorized the use of 0.2 percent pectinase enzyme to improve the flavoring attributes of the beverage.
  • In tea, the use of organic ingredients and natural food coloring ingredients is authorized.
  • For operations including production, marketing, and retail, all tea enterprises should get an FSSAI Registration, just like any other food firm in India.

Consultation for FSSAI Registration for Tea Business

Whenever a food product is released in the market, it must be evaluated for many food safety concerns. The food is examined at NABL labs to ensure that it meets all legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Take a call from Expert

In addition, before supplying tea to the general public, tea makers must get quality approval. The FSSAI has a number of standards and procedures, which are revised on a regular basis.

As a result, it may be difficult for producers to comprehend the procedure for FSSAI Product clearance, and FSSAI registration is necessary on time.

Also in this scenario, it’s a good idea to hire a competent FSSAI consultant who can advise and assist you in meeting all compliance requirements and acquiring the necessary licenses or registration.

Our advisors have a thorough understanding of the FSSAI’s policies and guidelines. From the first consulting to documents preparation, application drafting, quality checks, approval, and submission of the application, our FSSAI professionals assist you throughout the process.

We’re here to help and take care of all the little things while providing quality service at a reasonable price.

How to Change address in FSSAI Registration

Moreover, you require any kind of guidance related to the FSSAI Registration, please feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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