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Barcode Registration Process in India

Barcode Registration Process in India

Barcode is a machine-readable symbol or image that is characterized by parallel lines and varying in width. Barcode is mainly used to identify and track product details like serial numbers, product numbers, and batch numbers, etc. In addition, this article gives all the information about the Barcode Registration Process in India along with its types. … Read more

How to Start Food Business in India

How to start Food business in India

Food is an integral part of our life. We live on food. Everyone needs food, and there will always be a demand for it. That’s why the Food business in India or the world is always going to be profitable. Considering this, many people aim to start a Food business in India. But before that, one … Read more

History of Barcodes

History of Barcodes

For the feasible checkout from the retail store, a barcode was introduced. But it went through a lot of phases and the History of Barcodes describes the same. Earlier, in 1932, William Flint was eager for automated retail checkout and he tried every aspect to bring his ideas on the floor. With time, Bernard Silver … Read more

Benefits of Barcode Registration

Benefits of Barcode Registration in India

Barcodes have transformed the way organizations conduct business right since their introduction in 1949. Today, the concept of barcodes is no longer alien to us. Be it electronic items, groceries, or even patient wristbands in hospitals; all use barcodes. This article aims to educate our readers on the meaning of barcodes and the benefits of … Read more

How the Barcode Made Our Modern Economy

Barcode Made Our Modern Economy

Since the growing phase of industrialization, there is a significant rise in the number of manufactured products at shopping complexes or stores. As a result, workers at stores had to manually label each item on store shelves which is a bit tedious task to manage the products. Hence, there was a requirement for devising a … Read more

Importance of ISBN and Barcode

Importance of ISBN and Barcode

As we know, an ISBN is a crucial requirement if you are a writer looking to sell your book through booksellers, distributors, wholesalers, and internet websites worldwide. Every country has its own designated ISBN agency that is entrusted with issuing ISBNs and promoting its use. This article will focus on the importance of ISBN and … Read more

Advantages of Barcode: The Ultimate Guide to Barcode

Advantages of Barcode

As we know, Barcodes are one of the most popular, preferred, and convenient methods to identify products. Barcodes have emerged as the modern-day game-changers for businesses by eliminating the room for human error. Also, they help businesses improve efficiency and reduce overheads. This article primarily aims to educate our readers on the meaning, functioning, types, … Read more

How to Buy Barcodes for Amazon

How to Buy Barcodes for Amazon

In order to sell on leading online marketplaces, you’ll want an accurate way to specify your products. GS1 and UPC is the global authority for the unique identification of products and companies, which serve as the building blocks for barcodes. In this Article, we will discuss how to buy barcodes for Amazon. Barcode for Amazon … Read more

How to Get a Barcode for your Products

How to get a barcode for your products

As we know, Barcodes can be found on the packaging of many products these days, and they serve several important purposes. If you are trading packaged products, you should consider preparing barcodes for them. Before you do so, it is essential to know what barcodes are and how you should go about acquiring and using … Read more

How to Read a Barcode?

How to read a barcode

As we know, Barcodes has recognized as the machine-readable symbols in the form of numbers and parallel lines used entirely to identify and track products. Also, it plays a crucial role in supply chains, allowing retailers, manufacturers, and carrier providers to simply identify and track products as they move through the supply chain. In this … Read more