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Difference between LLP and Private Limited Company

Pvt and Limited Liability Partnership

As we all know Private Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership are two separate business structures governed by two different acts namely Companies Act 2013 and Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 individually. Both entities i.e. LLP and Private Limited Company grant many similar features needed to run a small to large-sized business, while there are … Read more

The Lok Sabha has passed the new Reforms for Companies (Amendment) Bill 2020  

companies amendment bill

The Lok Sabha has passed the Companies (Amendment) Bill that seeks to decriminalise specific offences under the Companies Act, 2013, in case of defaults but not involving frauds. Let’s Understand in Detail –  The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2020 The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2020, was passed by Lok Sabha where Around 48 sections of the Companies … Read more

How to Start a Spice Business in India

spice business

As we know India is a major producer and exporter of Spices. Also, it is recognised as a profitable business in India. Any individual can start a spice business as a small, medium and large scale base as per his or her investment capacity. Spice powder is a necessary ingredient in cooking, none of the … Read more

Companies Granted Additional 180 days to file Declaration of CoB

Declaration of CoB

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government has granted companies an additional 180 days to file the Declaration of CoB in the Form INC-20A.   Time-limit to file Declaration of CoB Raised As per the Companies Act 2013, every newly incorporated company is required to file a declaration of commencement of business (CoB) in … Read more