ISO 45001

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification for Small Businesses

Benefits of ISO 45001 for small businesses

Benefits of¬† ISO 45001 and ISO Certification is very popular among businesses. The reason for its popularity is it gives an additional boost whether it’s a new business or an already established one. Moreover, it helps in meeting the legal requirements, boosting and productivity, and much more.¬†Whoever wants to set a solid foundation or grow … Read more

India Witnesses 2 Gas Leak accidents in Visakhapatnam and Chhattisgarh

gas leak accidents

India has recently witnessed 2 severe cases of work-place accidents, as several people of Visakhapatnam (AP) and Raigadh (Chhattisgarh) have died due to gas leak from factories on 7th May. The infrastructural development of any nation is not perceivable by the kind of structures built over there, but by the safety of the residents living … Read more