Trademark Registration for Grains, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Trademark Class 31

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Trademarks play an important role in success in every business. Having a trademark for your business also makes a considerable difference in the customer’s mind. If you’re new in the market, then a trademark helps your business stand apart from the rest of your competitors. Also, it saves your organization’s branding from getting misused by others. Trademark Registration can help you boost your business as well as its credibility in the global market. In India, we have 45 classes of Trademarks. Organizations must understand these classes to get a variety of benefits. Therefore, in this article, we will read about Trademark Registration for Grains, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Trademark Class 31.

Know About Trademark

Trademarks are like the branding of the business. It helps your customers to distinguish your products and company from others. Trademarks also help your audience to identify you uniquely in the market.

For Trademark Registration, you can use a word or a combination of words, letters, numerals, drawings, symbols, three-dimensional features such as the shape and packaging of goods, and non-visible signs such as sounds, fragrances, or colour shade, etc. When a trademark is registered, applicants use the TM symbol along with their brands.

Understand the significance of Trademark

When it comes to the benefits of trademark registrations, you should know they are unlimited. Trademarks can provide you with multiple advantages, and some valuable advantages are as follows.

  • Once the Trademark is registered, the branding of the business is legally protected.
  • It helps in building goodwill and winning the trust of customers.
  • Trademarks become the company’s profitable assets, helping you earn more income by selling or providing contracts for its usage.
  • Trademark Registration needs to be renewed only after ten years.
  • Trademarks can also help you in promoting your business as it increases brand recognition in the market.

Trademark Classes

There are multiple goods and services provided by a variety of organizations in the market. Thus, We use a list of Trademarks appropriately divided based on the nature of goods and services to classify them.

This classified list of goods and services is known as Trademark classes. There are approximately eighty thousand goods and services in the Trademark classes.

To know about all these goods and services in Trademarks classes in detail, you can view the list here – List of 45 Trademark Classes.

Trademark Class 31

Trademark Class 31 consists of Grains, Fresh Fruits, and Vegetables. It is also known as the Trademark class of grains and agricultural, horticultural, and forestry products. Natural plants and flowers, bulbs, seedlings and seeds for planting, Foodstuffs, live animals and beverages for animals, and Malt, which are not included in other classes, are also listed under Trademark class 31.

Products not to include in Trademark Class 31

  • Dietary supplements for animals
  • Semi-worked woods and Artificial fishing bait
  • Rice and Tobacco
  • Sugar and honey.

Other Products in Trademark Class 31

  • Almonds and aloe vera plants.
  • Animal foodstuffs and beverages for pets.
  • Raw cocoa beans, coconut shell, and coconuts.
  • Live Lobsters and fishes.


In conclusion, we can say that Registering Trademarks for every profitable business is an important aspect. Trademarks have 45 classes, out of which Trademark class 31 is used for grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

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