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A pitch deck can be used by startups and entrepreneurs to present investors a comprehensive yet quick overview about the startup business model.

The goal of a pitch deck for startups is to spark the enthusiasm of investors to invest in startup companies. It also focuses on attracting the attention for further meetings and raising capital.

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What is Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is often a presentation of the company's business plan that demonstrates the company's business model, statistics, competitive analysis, team and funding requirements. It's a 15-20 slide description of your company concept that includes the most important details.

A successful Pitch Deck for startups is one that makes the company and its potential clear to individuals who are interested. Investors, banks, joint venture partners and even high-profile techies are all possible targets.

It will include information on the founding team's background, the company plan, a brief market study, and financial projections. Before agreeing to another meeting, the majority of VCs, PE companies, and banks request a copy of your Pitch Deck and Business Plan and Project Report.

Even if you don't intend to seek external funding, creating a Pitch Deck for Startups will help you figure out where your company is going in the long run.

Pitch Deck is key to open Investor Treasure

How Pitch Deck can help your Startup?


Narrate the tale of your concept to establish an instant connection.

Bring your brand to life and help banks and investors make more informed decisions about your company


Assists you in obtaining equity funding and may be business loans

Demonstrate to stakeholders in a concise manner the company concept, revenue model, profitability, and market credibility of your organization.


Components of Pitch Deck for Startups

Company Profile

Giving an overview of the Company and its products and services is critical for every startups' pitch deck.

The Company's Purpose/Vision

Your company's goal and vision must be clearly stated. In the end, it all comes down to this: "why?"

Problem & Solution

Describe the problem existing in the market and how your product or service is solving Unique & Attractivesuch a problem.


Pitch Deck must convince why and how your solution is unique and not yet available in the market.

Market Validation

In order to prove strengths of the business, pitch deck for startups must display the market size for the product / service you are offering.


Pitch Deck must show month-to-month increase in sales and customers. The objective is to alleviate potential investors' anxiety about taking on financial risk. An easy-to-read summary of key metrics, such as user count and earnings turnover ratio for the past year or so can be included on this slide.

Competitive Analysis

This slide in pitch deck for startups includes information about what differentiates your services or products from other companies or alternatives in the market.


A company's core team's knowledge, experience and ability to develop and sell a product will be emphasized by this slide in the pitch deck for startups. Identifying and mentioning the most important teammates (and co-founders, if necessary) in the pitch deck and describing how their skills and past experience may assist develop the company's competitive edge is essential.

Funding Requirement

One of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when creating their pitch deck is not remembering to include the financial requirements for growing the business. It's critical to include the information, as well as a breakdown of how the money will be utilized to help the business achieve its objectives. This explanation will help investors develop the much-needed trust.

Advantages of Having Pitch Deck for Startups


Pitch Deck for startups articulates their prospects for success in a clear and concise manner for the benefit of banks, venture capitalists and other financial backers.


As a computer geek who is skilled with technology but not skilled at presenting data in a way that businessmen can understand, you'll need a pitch deck to get the funds for your startup.


Pitch Deck for startups can become an interactive media hub, making it ideal for small businesses. You can provide your customers with a single point of reference for all of your company's news and announcements.


With hundreds of charts, graphs, shapes, feature films, and symbols that are crafted to perfection, you'll be able to turn any message into an easy-to-understand visual.


Startup entrepreneurs and investors alike benefit greatly from the use of pitch decks. A strong pitch deck should have owners think critically about all aspects of their firm and clarify their own thoughts before delivering to investors.

Do and Don'ts for Pitch Deck for Startups

Do for Pitch Deck for Startups

Prepare a captivating introduction to wow the viewers in the starting.

Set a time restriction for your presentation and stick to a 15-20 slide limit.

Given that you now possess all pertinent facts, strive to be authentic and passionate for your pitch deck presentation.

Leave enough flexibility, space and time for any questions or remarks that may arise.

Must rehearse the pitch and prepare in advance to hone the content and presenting technique.

Assume the questions and write down or prepare all the answers possible.

Conduct your pitch deck in front of a group of individuals you can trust and who will give you constructive criticism. Keep practicing until you achieve mastery.

Be sure to double- and even triple-check your pitch deck for startups in advance.

Along with all the ideas offered above, be able to feel comfortable with your enterprise.

Don'ts for Pitch Deck for Startups

Don't be nervous during the presentation and make your body language confident.

There's no need to get dragged down in the obvious information of the pitch deck.

Slides that are very verbose should be avoided.

Avoid rushing through the presentations. Ensure that the slides are visible to the audience.

Tell a narrative and let your thoughts flow freely. Don't be too confined to only certain points.

A follow-up may take care of providing further financial information, so don't go overboard with pitch deck for startups.

You must not have a sloppy design, terrible graphics, or an unprofessional appearance of pitch deck for startups.

Why choose E-StartupIndia for Pitch Deck Preparation?

Make an impact with a clear, well-formatted pitch deck that boosts your company's mission. Inform us of your objectives, and we'll create a pitch deck that enables you to fulfill them quickly.

Our presentation designers are skilled in adhering to your brand standards in order to generate a visually appealing pitch deck for a broad audience. This adds vitality to your presentations and creates an excellent first impression.

We take the time to thoroughly grasp your key messages so that we can construct a vital component of your communication toolbox - an effective and compelling pitch deck for startups.

Each day since 2014, our team of specialists has been putting out Pitch Deck for Startups. We stay on top of new technologies and creative trends. We are therefore in a position to offer you the greatest possible pitch decks.

Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, and Company Secretaries, as well as Graphic Designers, Engineers, and Marketing Professionals, make up our team of professionals. Over the years, we've dealt with a wide range of financial services, company loans, export-import regulations, and corporate compliance, taxation, and accounting concerns. You can relax knowing that your presentation is in capable hands when you work with us.



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frequently asked questions

Entrepreneurs utilize a pitch deck as their initial point of contact when contacting potential investors, whether by email or in person. It serves as a startup's sales pitch to potential investors, helping them grasp the complexities of the venture in a way that is familiar to them.

Information about your company's founders, the problem you are seeking to solve with the product or service, the traction they have already gained in the market and the rivals, as well as information about your business plan, should all be included in a pitch deck for startups.

Design is critical for conveying your message — fundamental thought, marketing, and customer experience are all impacted by design. It also lends a professional aspect to a startup.

You should list your founders and any other team members who have a direct connection to your company, but don't list your whole team. Thus, Directors and managers who have a direct effect on the performance of the organization must be mentioned.

Everything you don't want the public to know such as Trade Secrets, anything that asks for an investment, etc.

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