Service Tax Registration

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Service Tax Registration

About Service Tax

What is a Service Tax? 

Service Tax is an indirect tax which is collected by Service provider from service receiver and deposited to government accounts.

When registration required? 

Service Tax Number required if you are into the business of rendering services & once turnover exceed Rs 9 Lakh annually.

Monthly/Quarterly tax deposit

Service tax is a tax levied on rendering services & deposited to the central government on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Filing of Return

Every Service Provider having ST number requires to file half yearly return by 25th of the following month of ending quarter.

Service Tax rate

Service tax is chargeable at the prevailing rate of 15% of the value of services.

Abatement & Exemptions

In some kind of services, government grant exemptions & subsidized rate of service tax by providing abatement.


Service Tax Registration Process


1. Collect requisite information & documents from you over mail.

2. After scrutiny of documents & information obtained, file application for registration.

3. Apply & obtain Service Tax Number within 2-5 working days to start a business.

4. We provide you a Service Tax application form kit along with supporting documents.

5. ST application form along with supporting documents will be sent to service tax authority.

6. After Approval, Service Tax Registration Certificate i.e. ST-2 received.