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Copyright is a form of the intellectual property provide rights to creator over its literary and artistic works.

What can be copyright ?

Copyright works include books, sound recordings, music, artistic work, cinematographic films, dramatic, computer programs, databases, advertisements and paintings.

Protection from misuse

Copyright registration helps against infringement and protects author / creator artistic work for a lifetime.

Valuable Asset

Copyright endures creation of an intangible asset to the artist which can be sold, assigned & authorized to use.

Low-Cost Registration

As the comparison to its driven benefits cost of copyright registration is very low. Mostly copyright work duration is a lifetime.


Copyright work registration mostly valid for a lifetime or till the death of an original author.


Copyright Registration Process


1. Arrange a meeting with author and discuss literary, dramatic work.

2. Collect & compile required documents and get a signature from an author.

3. File duly signed application with necessary details and copies with the copyright office.

4. Scrutiny and examination of application by copyright office .

5. File reply & attend hearings, if any objection raised on the application.

6. After the process of application obtains copyright certificate.