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A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. A patent provides the patent owner with the right to decide whether or how the invention can be used by others.

Valuable Asset

Patent endures creation of intangible assets which can be sold, assigned & authorized to use.


Like Company’s other tangible assets, a patent protects owner’s invention & its process from infringement.

Low-Cost Registration

As a comparison to its driven benefits cost of patent registration is very low.

Patent Globally

Some foreign countries require patent registration mandatory in inventor’s home country before apply in their country.

Validity Period

Patent registration valid for 20 years and can be renewed again.


Patent Process


1. Arrange a meeting with the inventor and have a discussion over his invention.

2. Check & search invention, work is patentable and does not exist earlier.

3. After the preliminary check, apply for provisional patent registration.

4. Prepare and file complete specification with Indian Patent Office.

5. File request for examination report and for publication.

6. Reply on examination report for objection and attend hearings.