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What is ISO 50001 energy management system?

ISO is the non-governmental, Independent Organization which maintains the quality system. ISO 50001 deals with the energy management system. Energy is the most important need for any Organization and if you use it wisely then it will save your money as well as the resource. There can be different forms of energy like renewable energy and non-renewable energy. ISO 50001 ensures that the Organization must integrate energy management system in order to fulfil their requirements as well as a look that the environment is not getting hampered due to excessive use of energy.


ISO 50001:2011 aims at a continual decrease in the energy so that the energy costs can be decreased as well as the organizations can emit fewer amounts of greenhouse gases. It encourages a systematic approach to energy consumption which includes security of energy, efficiency in energy, the performance of energy etc. In conjugation of ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) ISO 50001 has seven components:-

  1. Energy Policy

  2. General Requirements

  3. Management Responsibility

  4. Management Review

  5. Performance Audits

  6. Energy Action Plan

  7. Implementation and Operation


1. What are the ISO 50001 Requirements?

The ISO 50001 guides you about the utilization, establishment, maintenance, and improvement of Energy Management System which lets the Organization make a systematic approach for continuous improvement in energy consumption but not hampering the environment. ISO 50001 guides the Organizations in the following manner:-

  1. Creating transparency for the management of energy utilization.

  2. Emphasizing on adopting best practices for the management of energy resources.

  3. Giving a framework for energy efficiency.

  4. Providing a layout so that the emission of greenhouse gases can be reduced.

  5. Assistance in making the best use of energy.


2. What is Energy Management System?

Energy resource in our environment is very limited. The need of the time is to use it wisely so that it can be used sustainably for future generations. ISO 50001 is based on the management system framework of constant enhancement also used for other prominent standards like ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 certification. It is a procedure that is used to plan, track and analyze the usage of energy. ISO 50001 certification is important for your organization because it benefits you in many ways. Some of its benefits have been given as follows:-

  1. It supports the change in organization keeping in mind that the environment does not get hampered.

  2. The operational efficiencies are targeted.

  3. Demonstrates the social responsibility of any organization.

  4. Finding the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and promoting organizations to reduce this.

  5. Reducing environmental impacts.


3. How to Apply for ISO 50001 certification?

The steps of getting ISO Certification in India for EMS are very easy. The important thing for this is your right approach. You need to visit any certified organization which issues ISO 50001 Certification. The following steps are then followed by the Organization:-

  1. Analysis – This is the pre-assessment process in which the Certifying body has a detailed look at the energy sources and its management of the Organization and then compares it with the ISO 50001.

  2. Assessment – Analysis is followed by an assessment. It is a two-stage process in which the Certifying body first finds that what more things are required in order to fulfil ISO 50001 guidelines and second, the body finds whether the suggestions given are being implemented by the Organization or not?

  3. Certification – In this step, if the Certifying body finds that all the requirements have been fulfilled by the Organization, then it provides ISO 50001 Certification which is valid for 3 years.

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