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Global Recognition

Global Recognition

ISO 22000 is a globally acknowledged standard which helps you grow your business by implementing globally recognized processes for food safety.

Includes HACCP Aspects

Includes HACCP Aspects

Besides presenting new concepts, the ISO 22000:2018 also includes common essential aspects such as Hazard analysis and critical control points aka HACCP.

Confidence among stakeholders

Confidence among stakeholders

The ISO 22000 certification ensures the quality of your food as regards of safety and hygiene, along with the practices of hazard control that further results in confidence among stakeholders and suppliers.

Boost Client Relationships

Boost Client Relationships

ISO 22000 protects and improves name & fame of a food business in terms of food safety and hygiene. This ultimately boosts Client Relationships.



ISO 22000 certification enables you to be more transparent and become reliable among the customers and stakeholders.

Continual improvement

Continual improvement

The continual improvement of food safety systems and practices led your organization to develop gradually and regularly. ISO 22000 certification helps an organization to achieve continual improvement of food business operation.


ISO 22000 is a standard under ISO contains guidelines for the regulations of food safety management in an organization. This standard is often referred to as one of the sorts of quality management system within an organisation.

ISO 22000 is a Food Safety standard which is recognized all around the World, covering the key factors to ensure food safety. Most of the food experts refer ISO 22000 as a fundamental requirement of the food business operation. 

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  ISO 22000 certification shows that your entity has a good food safety management system. ISO 22000 has the following features:

  • Interactive communication
  • System management
  • Control of food safety hazards through ISO 22000 HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • Risk-Based Approach
  • Paperless Inspection Management System

It is effectively considered that ISO 22000 is a combination of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and a part of ISO 9001(which deals in the Quality Management System) for constant improvement of food safety management.


Why is ISO 22000 mandatory for a food business? 


Today, the ISO 22000 is being treated as a fundamental requirement for food-related business. This is because of increasing awareness of food safety hazards and concern towards hygiene in the food industry. Especially, in case of a franchise business, such risks are much probable as there hardly any control of the principal franchisers. 

There are a few examples of leading food businesses  that have suffered a lot in the absence of quality, safety, and hygienes of food which brings the essence of ISO  22000 certificate. Some of them are as follows-

Nestle's Maggi noodles controversy: 

Recently, all Maggi lovers were questioning that has Maggi broken food laws? Are Maggi noodles harmful for consumption? There were controversies regarding the presence of harmful substances like lead and glutamate in India’s most favorite instant masala noodles. This could have been avoided if nestle would have taken proper food safety measures which can be done with the implementation of ISO 22000 standard.

McDonald's controversy:

World's most prominent fast-food giants McDonald's is perhaps the most preferred destinations for foodies. However, some of the McDonald's outlets have also got into controversies. For instance, a CCTV footage of a McD manufacturing unit in 2014 showed factory workers violating various food safety policies such as picking meat without gloves, picking meat up off the floor and putting it into the processing machine, and processing rotten meats. When such footage went viral it affected the consumer sentiments. As a result, global aggregate sale declined. This could have been avoided with proper implementation of food safety measures and  continual check.

The above cases of the leading food giants clearly elucidate the significance of the food safety measures in the food industry which can be fulfilled by implementing ISO 22000 certification.


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Documents Required For ISO Certification

  • Business Registration ProofA document proof of business required such as certificate of incorporation, GST certificate, MSME certificate, Trademark certificate, etc.
  • Letter Head or Visiting CardA Letter Head or Visiting Card of the business required for which you are looking for ISO certification.
  • Sales and Purchase Invoice A Sale and Purchase Invoice evidencing the nature of business activity for which you’re securing ISO certification.

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frequently asked questions
Generally, the organizations which are involved in food manufacturing and food supply business requires ISO 22000 Certification. Besides, if you deal in the business of packaging and re-packaging, then also the organisation prefer a food safety management system certification.
HACCP refers to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCP is a widely acclaimed strategy for alleviation of the food-safety related risks. The HACCP compels early discovery and reduction of possible dangers at some critical stages in a production process.
There are 4 kinds of risks to food safety that are required to be traced and erased as per ISO 22000. These are as follows-
  1. Biological  
  2. Chemical
  3. Biochemical and
  4. Physical hazards.
No, You don’t need to be physically present for the process, E-StartupIndia is an online catering platform all you need is internet connection  in your phone/computer and the required documents with you and we can get the job done no matters even if you are present at remotest location of the India
Yes E-StartupIndia is an online platform serving all over India no matters wherever you are doing business all you need is internet connection on your mobile or desktop and we are ready to get your job done.

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