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The CBDT has launched a new Income Tax e-Filing 2.0 portal. The new portal was launched on 7th June 2021. The government’s intention behind launching a new Income Tax Portal was to facilitate taxpayers. Therefore, the government has launched several new features in the portal. In this article, we will learn all about the Income Tax e-filing 2.0 portal and its features.

Intro to All about Income Tax E-Filing 2.0 portal and How you can use it?

  • New Income Tax Portal i.e. ‘’ has replaced the old e- filing portal i.e. ‘’.
  • Individuals who wish to file taxes must do so using this new site from now on. The site is being rebuilt to make ITR filing easier and to eliminate any bugs or other issues.
  • The options to check the refund, deductions, applicable forms, and the process to file the ITR are available on the home page in their respective tabs.
  • You may discover video tutorials at the bottom of the page that will help you learn more about the website. There are also user guides and frequently asked questions.
  • To avail of any services, you first need to register on the portal. To register on the new Income Tax Website, you will need to provide PAN Card Details.

Features of New Income Tax E-filing Portal 2.0 for ITR Filing

There are several new features to facilitate ITR Filing in the new income tax portal. The most important ones are as follows.

  • The new user-friendly site will quickly process a taxpayer’s income tax return. The rapid processing of income tax forms will allow taxpayers to get their refunds as soon as possible. Thus, ITR Processing is fast now.
  • The government has introduced ITR Preparation Software. Consequently, The free ITR preparation software will help taxpayers. ITR-1 and ITR-4 software are currently accessible both online and offline, whereas ITR-2 is only available online. Other ITR preparation software for ITR-3, ITR-5, ITR-6, and ITR-7 will be released in the near future. The software’s interactive questions will make the e-filing procedure easier.
  • The new online site is linked to a “new call center” for quick response to inquiries. Furthermore, extensive FAQs, tutorials, videos, and chatbot/live agents handle taxpayer concerns. Thus, it has new call center services which will take care of all the queries taxpayers might have.
  • A taxpayer may view all conversations, uploads, and pending activities in a single dashboard, as well as the next action to take. The Single Dashboard Interaction allows better management.
  • A taxpayer will have several payment choices with the new portal. These choices include RTGS/ NEFT, credit card, UPI, and net banking through any taxpayer’s account in any bank. It will make tax payments easier. To minimize any difficulties in paying the first payment of advance tax, the income tax administration made such a service available after June 18, 2021. Multiple Payment Options also allow users to pay their taxes at their convenient time.
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Upcoming Features in the new portal

  • Following that, a mobile application with all of the new portal’s main functionalities will be released. At any moment, the taxpayer can use a mobile network to access the app. If a Mobile Application is released, the taxpayers will get an effective and easy way for ITR Filing.
  • Lastly, The new site enables the pre-filling of some income-related information. It might be about a salary, a house, a business or a job, and so forth. Furthermore, it allows for the thorough pre-filling of information such as salary income, interest, dividends, and capital gains. When the relevant entities upload their TDS and SFT statements, the pre-filling ITR will take place.

Things to keep in mind while using Income Tax E-Filing 2.0 Portal

  • Taxpayers must re-register their Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), as the previous DSCs are not transferred owing to security concerns.
  • If you haven’t already, link your Aadhaar and pre-validate your bank account. Also, reset Higher Security Options for e-Filing Vault.

Don’t wait for the eleventh hour and consult the right experts for ITR Filing. The reason is there have been several glitches in the new income tax portal. Read about this in detail at – FM Sitharaman gives ultimatum to Infosys to fix Income Tax Portal Also, Government has extended ITR Filing Due Date For FY21, to help taxpayers file their ITR with ease. Taxpayers shouldn’t miss this chance.

Income Tax Department Raid On 3 Commission Groups

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