Electric vehicles are exempted from RC Fees (Registration Certificate Fees)

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The Minister of Road Travel and Highways said that he had issued a notification exempting battery-powered cars from paying costs for registration certificate issuance or renewal. The ministry stated in the press that Electric vehicles exempted from RC. Aiming to encourage the use of electric vehicles, this has been declared. Aiming to encourage the use of electric vehicles, this has been declared. In this article, we will discuss Electric vehicles are exempted from RC Fees.

India is far ahead of everyone in the list of nations with the most cars to decrease pollutants by lowering reliance on Internal Combustion vehicles. Apart from being among the states with the most automobiles, such as China or the United States, which are both well ahead of India.

Registration Cost Wave off by Transportation Ministry

Register costs and standard references for rechargeable batteries or electric cars in India have been waived by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways (MoRTH). This exemption was created to encourage electric vehicles, and the administration has developed a roadmap that would make it more expensive for vehicle owners to keep their old diesel and gasoline vehicles. The plan consists of the government’s drive to promote electric cars across India in the face of growing fuel prices and increased vehicle emissions.

The measure will significantly increase electric vehicle sales. Electric vehicle prices are already analogous to their ICE equivalents, thanks to falling battery prices.

People will be able to purchase EVs even more thanks to the Electric vehicles exempted from RC fees. This modification to the Central Motor Cars Rules, 1989, allowing for the remission of registration fees for electric vehicles. The federal government and state governments offered to encourage the development of electric vehicles across the nation.

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Electric vehicles are in the Best Interest of People: Official Stated

Central and state governments, in addition to the federal government, are making aggressive efforts to boost EV adoption in the country. Incentives ranging from Rs 11,000 to Rs 20,000 per car are being offered to customers to expedite EV adoption in different states. Over and beyond the Fab II incentives provided by the Central Government, Maharashtra offers an Rs. 25,000 reward, Gujarat offers an Rs. 20,000 incentive and Delhi offers an Rs. 16,200 incentive per EV.

More than 20 states are actively working on their respective electric vehicle incentive schemes. According to the government, fame II subsidies for EV producers increased by 50% to Rs 15,000 per kWh. EVs are also subject to the lowest GST rate of 5%, compared to 28% for surface vehicles.

GST on Electric Vehicles

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