GSTR 8 Return Filing

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The GSTR8 is a statement or document that should file e-commerce workers (persons who construct and run online markets that enable another retailer to sell their goods to clientele) monthly. It should have the information of provisions made to clients throughout the taxpayer’s e-commerce portal by unregistered people or registered chargeable people, client’s basic details, the quantity of Tax gathered at Tax payable, source, or Tax paid. This article would clear you up on what GSTR 8 Return filing is and how to file.


When to file GSTR-8 Return filing?

The GSTR-8 for a specific month may be filed upon the finishing of that month.

The final day for GST Return filing is earlier than the tenth of the subsequent month. For example, If you are filing the GSTR-8 return for March 2018, you have to file this return earlier than 10 Apr 2018.


Requisites for filing GSTR-8

For filing the GSTR-8, you have to follow such information as:

  • You should be a registered taxpayer under the GST with a fifteen-digit PAN base GSTIN. So GSTR 8 Return Filing is essential.
  • The combined turnover of your industry must be more extensive than twenty lakh Rs (ten lakhs in NE India).
  • You should be an e-commerce worker with an online market where other companies or traders put up for sale merchandise to clientele.
  • This GSTR 8 return applies to all registered levy payers under the GST who have neither opted for the composition system nor have a UIN (Unique Identification Number). This GSTR 8 return is also not appropriate to non-occupant levy payers.
  • You are requisite to stay track of the information of all the levy gathered at source by you for the dealings that are accepting out throughout your market.


How to file GSTR 8 return?

The arrangement of GSTR 8 gathers detail from the E-Commerce worker. Let’s see each part that is discussed in detail:

#1. GSTIN (Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number) –

Here you have to indicate your exclusive PAN-based fifteen-digit GSTIN (Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number)

#2. Name of the levy person paying –

This field must hold the name of the registered levy person paying for your industry.

#3. Levy time, Monthly, Yearly –

This field will assist you in indicating the time of return for which GSTR-8 is filing; for example- it would return for July 2017.

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#4. Information of the provisions to Unregistered people –

Under this part, you will have to account for the information of all the B2C dealings that occur through your e-commerce platform (those among mercantile and end clientele who are getting (GST registration).

  • Utilizing Section 5A of GSTR-8, you may alter or update the information of B2C dealings that accepting out during earlier months

#5. TCS (Tax Collected at Source) information –

Here, you as the e-commerce worker must supply the knowledge of all the levy you have gathered at source (TCS) alongside the info of mercantile included. These statistics are cross-verified in opposition to the data submitted by that mercantile.


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#6. Liability billed and salaried:

Upon recording each of the above details, the scheme would analyze the levy you owe under this GSTR 8 return to the administration, and that data would be exhibited here. This part would also involve the levy you have salaried, overdue fees, penalties, etc.

you require to digitally mark the statement of rightness and actuality at the ending of the return. It may do it by utilizing an Adhaar or DSC-based verification scheme.


Why is GSTR-8 return filing significant?

GSTR-8 demonstrates the information of provisions affected throughout the e-commerce platform or the quantity of Tax Collected at Source gathered on such provisions. Recently, the administration has placed the Tax Collected at Source supplies on hold. It is moving to valid from 1 Oct 2018 onwards. If Tax Collected at Source is valid, the dealer may take the input credit of such Tax Collected at Source subtract by the e-commerce worker after filing of GSTR-8 return by the e-commerce worker. The sum of such Tax Collected at Source would reflect in C part of Form GSTR-2A of the dealer.

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