How to Copyright Your Website?

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Websites perform a major role in correlating business to prospective customers in the industry. Be it a small scale business or large scale business, websites have always determined to be useful in communicating the vision, mission and prospects of the business to the entire world. Further, with the wide method of the website and millions of visitors going through the website, it is continually necessary to design the website in a manner which attracts the viewers to revisit the website often. In this article, let’s see how to copyright your website.

What is Website?

In common parlance, a website is a combination of various web pages under a single domain name. Many businesses use websites as a tool to deliver their information to the common public. Moreover, the website appears in nearly several forms with a lot of creative content, and it is that content which can be copyrighted, not the entire website.

How to Copyright your Website?

A lot of effort is put into designing a website – right from designing the website content to marketing the website. Moreover, it requires an abundance of time, money and hard work to create a website. 

In India, once any website is published, it automatically displays a copyrighted material. At the bottom of the webpage, we will determine the disclaimer concerning the copyright. 

Why Should You Register a Copyright?

There are numerous advantages of how to copyright your website in India. 

  • It restricts the copy and redistribution of content.
  • It assists to curb the theft of content and images on the website
  • Moreover, it acts as evidence of ownership
  • It allows the website owner to take legal actions against someone who tries to steal your content.
  • If in case, website content is to generate income, and in such cases, if the content will appropriate by someone else, then the original content loses its value and can harm the finance of the owner.

Various Elements can not be Copyright

Website creation includes a lot of creativity and efforts. Websites comprise a lot of elements which are structured and put together to get a complete and comprehensive website. They are:

  1. Domain name or URL
  2. HTML source code
  3. Images and videos
  4. Text-based content
  5. Third-party content
  6. Links to another website
  7. Title of the website
  8. The layout of the website etc.

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