Jio Taps MSMEs to Shore Up Revenues

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According to estimates, India’s GDP is expected to grow over the next few years considerably. The government is also extensively focussing on its ‘Make in India’ initiative promoting domestic manufacturing. As such, MSMEs in India is poised to witness an expansion. In turn, this will lead to a rise in the demand for digital services. In this article, we will discuss Jio Taps MSMEs to Shore Up Revenues.

Jio Taps MSMEs to Shore Up Revenues

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd has recently launched seven tariff plans for more than 50 million MSMEs in India. The plans include bundled tariff services such as voice calls, broadband connection, video conferencing, and other digital solutions. The company plans to make these services available to MSMEs at one-tenth of the current prevailing prices.

Further,Reliance Jio is eyeing the vast potential present in the MSME segment. The market has received limited attention from telecom giants such as Tata Communications and Bharti Airtel, who cater primarily to large organizations.

Plans and Services

The company’s cheapest plan starts at Rs. 901. The plan offers unlimited fibre broadband connectivity with a 100 Mbps speed for both uploads and downloads. Also, it provides a single connection for calls across India.

Its most expensive plan starts at Rs. 10,000. The plan provides a 1 Gbps broadband speed and 25 Microsoft office app licenses. Also, it offers eight lines for making voice calls.

Further Notification

Reliance Jio is competing with Bharti Airtel Ltd with its integrated ready-to-use plans, assisted onboarding and sales, and digital account management services. Bharti Airtel Ltd is India’s largest telecom player in the B2B segment. The company offers cloud connectivity, security, collaboration, and various data centre solutions.

Bharti Airtel is the telecom service provider to over 2,500 large and more than 10 lakh MSMEs and startup firms. Last year, it launched several services. The services included a series of cybersecurity solutions known as Airtel Secure, a cloud communication platform for enterprises. Also, it simultaneously launched its video conferencing app BlueJeans.

By introducing the less-expensive bundled tariff plans, Jio is now looking to target the largely underserved MSME market. It is looking to expand its market and gain MSME subscribers aggressively. Just like the way it in the mobile and home broadband segments.

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