New Business Opportunities for Investors in Agriculture

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As we know, Agriculture plays a fundamental role in the Indian economy. It is a significant sector of the Indian economy as it renders about 17% of the whole GDP and furnishes employment to over 60% of the population. Also, it generates good profit opportunities for the farmers and other private sector players who have an opportunity to invest in this sector. In this article, we will discuss the new business opportunities for Investors in agriculture.

New business opportunities for Investors in Agriculture

The agriculture industry has been playing an important role in the Indian economy. Moreover, the contribution of agriculture in the development of the Indian economy cannot be denied. Here are some causes of this expectation.

  • Farmers are required to be connected directly, bringing down the role of middlemen. This should be suitable for both the farmers and consumers.
  • Digital technology has expected to change the Agri and food sector in a big way.
  • Further, the market for stabler quality food, healthy food with traceability should be multiplying manifold during this decade.
  • Farming will get more mechanized and digitized which will decrease the daily drudgery of the farmer in the field.

Some Facts About Agricultural Scenario

Some notable facts about Agricultural scenario 

  •  Agriculture is the biggest provider of livelihood in rural India 
  •  It contributes 25 per cent to India’s GDP 
  •  It is still dependent principally on the monsoons 
  •  Also, the growth in agricultural production has been stagnant for the earlier several years. 
  • The drought in north and western parts in FY09 generated shortages in the supply of food grains.

Role of agriculture in the Indian economy 

1. Share in National Income: 

The share capital of agriculture during the initial two decades towards the gross domestic product varied between 48 and 60%. Further, In the year 2001-2002, the share capital diminished to only about 26%.

2. Largest Employment Providing Sector: 

Also, the agriculture sector helps to provide employment as well as business opportunities on a large scale. 

3. Contribution to Capital formation: 

There is common agreement on the necessity of capital formation. Since agriculture appears to be the largest industry in an emerging country like India, it can and must play an important role in accelerating up the rate of capital formation. 

4. Market for Industrial Products:

Progress in rural purchasing power is very important for industrial development as two- thirds of the Indian population live in villages. 

Agriculture Business Opportunities for Private Enterprises

Let us look at some of the specific opportunities for private enterprises.

  • Farmgate infrastructure Facility
  • Connecting farmers with markets including exports.
  • Set up custom service centres for machines and irrigation facilities.
  • Capacity building in rural areas.

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