Obtain Barcode Registration in India

Barcode required to make product identification and fast billing. Our professionals can assist you in obtaining GS1 as well as EAN 13 barcodes registration for your products.

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Barcodes are vertical lines representation that can be scanned electronically to fetch the product details faster.

Barcode is used to encode the product details instantly such as product numbers, serial numbers, and batch numbers. A barcode on product plays a vital role in the supply chain, enabling all participants’ like Manufacturers, transporter, wholesaler to identify products easily.

In addition to that, a barcode on products plays a vital role in a supply chain, supermarkets, transportation, hospitals, and fast-moving retails chains.

EAN-13 is the most commonly used type of barcode that has 13 numeric digits. UPC-A barcode is a superset of 12 numeric digits.

GS1 barcode


Barcode registration is not a government mandatory requirement. A retail barcode will work fine even without registration because stores enter the barcode number and link it to their billing or inventory software on an individual basis.


We do not just provide barcode ownership to you. We ensure registration of EAN 13 & UPC barcode on an international barcode database along with product details.

Barcode registration enables visibility on google search for the barcode number affix on the product. On registration, Barcode scanning will return product information from an international database to the readers online.

How Barcode enhance business efficiency?

Eliminates Error

Barcode removes the chance of human errors. A barcode scan is fast and accurate and takes much less time than manual data entry.

Cost-effective & convenient

Barcodes are really cost effective, easy to obtain and print, moreover they can also be customized.

Detailed information

The Barcode contains all the relevant details of the product such as product numbers, serial numbers, and batch numbers and also ensures the genuineness of the product.

Inventory control

Barcode registration saves the time of all supply chain Participants and makes easy for the product to move anywhere in lesser time.

Saves time

Barcode registration saves a lot of time. All anyone just needs to do is scan the barcode affixed on the product and refer to the details thereof.

Better decision making

The consumers rely on Barcode scanned product information which is more accurate. This leads to immediate decision-making. 

Free Barcode generator Vs GS1 Barcode

There are various free online tools available to generate barcodes.

Manufacturers and packagers spend thousands of rupees printing barcodes on product packaging. Generally, big retail chains such as Walmart, Big Bazaar, Max Fashion, Home Center, Aditya Birla Retail, Shoppers Stop, etc do not accept barcodes except GS1.

Product rejection due to free barcodes may lead to a big loss by reprinting product packages again with legitimate barcodes.

Pros & Cons of Free Barcodes

Pros Cons
It's Free! . Big retail chains do not accept Free barcodes.
. Barcode meant for quick scanning. Free one carries poor quality and generally, compromise with scan capability.
. No guarantee of a unique barcode number. Free tool may generate the same barcode to anyone.
. No barcode ownership.



International Article Number previously called European Article Number. EAN-13 is the 13-digit barcode generally used in Europe, India and other nations.

EAN 13 barcode


Universal Product Code or UPC-A is a 12-digit barcode generally used in US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

UPC barcode


Upload the required documents & business details to our web portal.

Consult our business advisor about a product for which seeking Barcode registration.

Choose Package and Pay online with different payments modes available    

On placing an order, your application shall be assigned to one of our dedicated professional.

After documents & information scrutiny, our team will file an application for product barcode registration.

On successful barcode registration, we will provide barcodes and certificate.

Documents Required For Barcode registration

  • Company Pan Card A copy of PAN Card of the company is required as Proof of authentication of the business entity.
  • Business Registration Proof Such as GST registration, partnership deed, certificate of incorporation, shop establishment certificate, FSSAI license, etc.
  • Canceled Cheque A Cancelled Cheque is mandatory to be submitted for verifying bank account details.
  • Audited Financial Statement In order to ascertain the previous year's annual turnover of the business entity, last year's Audited Financial Statement is necessary.
  • Product Details Such as product number, serial number, batch number, MRP of the product.
  • Company Letterhead Letter for requesting the allotment of barcode on the company letterhead must be submitted.

 barcode registration document




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GS1 Barcode

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GS1 Barcode Registration
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International Barcode

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Barcode Registration
Guarantee of Authenticity Certificate
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GS1 + International Barcode

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GS1 Barcode Registration
Barcode Certificate
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frequently asked questions

Broadly there are 2 main kinds of Barcodes:

  • EAN (European Article Number) Barcodes
  • UPC (Universal Product Code) Barcodes

GS1 Barcodes are the coded symbols that carry information about a product which is saved in a machine readable format. GS Barcodes can be easily scanned using laser or camera device such as lightpen. Unlike manual data entry, which is a long, tedious and erroneous process, barcodes help in automatic data reading which is 100% accurate.

Barcode is used to scan the product details instantly such as product numbers, serial numbers, and batch numbers. For the Barcode Registration process, E-StratupIndia professionals assist you to register in an easy and simple way.

There are different packages available that depend on how much quantity you want. Also, there is some barcode registration fee that adds to its cost. So, Barcode Registration cost varies on the turnover of the business, and the number of barcodes obtained and the period of subscription. Contact Our professionals for more details.

GS1 barcodes carry the following type of information:

  • Manufacturer details
  • Batch/lot number,
  • Expiry dates for food safety

Apart from that GS1 barcode also carry Identification Keys, about physical objects like products, assets, shipments, or services and locations at any point in the supply chain.  

Yes, you can get International barcode by applying for the same through the International Barcodes Network (IBN).

GS1 barcode provides the following benefits to a business: 

  • Quick and precise data tracking anytime anywhere.
  • Less stock-holding and less waste
  • Greater responsiveness to trade customers and consumers
  • The ability to automate warehousing
  • Better control over distribution and storage
  • Fewer errors in the recognition of goods
  • Improved company to company communications throughout the supply chain
  • One standard for use with all trading partners, therefore no conflicting demands.

No, You don’t need to be physically present for the process, E-StartupIndia is an online catering platform all you need is internet connection in your phone/computer and the required documents with you and we can get the job done no matters even if you are present at the remotest location of India.

Yes E-StartupIndia is an online platform serving all over India no matters wherever you are doing business all you need is internet connection on your mobile or desktop and we are ready to get your job done.

A separate barcode is compelled for each product variant like shape, size, colour, variety, flavour, weight, every manufacturer or retailer while applying the bar code has to identify the product as unique according to the criteria described below:

* New product

* New product variant (shape, style, colour, flavour)

* Change of name

* Major product description change

It is usually necessary to have a different EAN-13 barcode for each different product variation (each different size, colour, design etc). Specific products, such as greeting cards or postcards, sometimes use just one barcode number.

As we know,  GS-1 Barcode requires renewal. Barcode furnishes the UPC, the Universal Product Code. It tells what is the product, the manufacturer, and the package size. But that does not contain an expiration date.

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