Private Limited Company

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Private Limited Company Incorporation


Limited Liability 

Shareholder enjoys limited liability to the extent of capital invested. Shareholder's personal assets protected in the event of the company's insolvency.

Separation of Mangement & Shareholders 

Management & shareholders can be separated. A shareholder can invest the fund in fruitful business without managing & Management can operate their business without frequent interruption of investors.

Separate Legal Entity

A company is a Separate legal entity from its Owners and Management in the eyes of law.

Perpetual Succession

A business of the Company will not affect if there is any change in the ownership of the company.

Easy Equity Funding

Startups businesses can easily raise funds from investors on an equity basis.


Every Pvt Ltd Company enjoys for recently announced start-up tax exemption, if meets eligibility criteria.


Private Limited Company Incorporation Process


1. Collect requisite information & documents from you.

2. Apply for Digital Signature and Director Identification Number of proposed director.

3. After a preliminary check for Company’s Name availability, apply for Name Approval.

4. After name approval, prepare MOA & AOA, and other necessary incorporation documents.

5. Get a signature on the required documents of proposed subscriber’s /directors.

6. File incorporation documents & obtain Certificate of Incorporation, PAN &TAN.