Good and Service Tax is a unified tax which combines VAT, service tax, excise duty, luxury tax, entry tax, entertainment taxes, central sales tax etc.

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Goods & Service Tax

About GST


GST is a unified tax merging VAT, Service tax, excise duty, and other taxes.

When GST enacted?

GOI expecting to roll out GST from 1st April 2017. On same day existing taxes ruled out.

When to register for GST ?

When the annual turnover of the business unit exceeds ₹20 lakh requires registering for GST.

What are the GST tax rates ?

Tax rates shall vary from 0% to 28% depends on the type of goods & nature of services.

Input Tax Credit Availment

A business unit can avail credit of tax paid at the time of purchase while depositing tax on sale of a product.

Conversion of TIN/ ST number 

GOI initiates the process to convert existing registered dealers tax numbers into GST number state wise.




1. We collect requisite information & documents from you over the mail.

2. Help you obtain provisional goods and service tax number from tax department.

3. After scrutiny of documents & information obtained, file application for enrolment.

4. Enroll Goods & Service Tax Number within 5 working days to migrate. 

5. Your provisional Goods & Service Tax Number get active within 5 working days.

6. After proper authentication of application, you will get GST number.