APEDA and NSIC Join Hands to Empower Agri Entrepreneurs

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The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC) have joined hands to support as well as empower Agri-Entrepreneurs. When APEDA and NSIC joined hands, they signed an MoU.

In a signed memorandum of understanding (MoU), cooperation in a range of areas has been ensured with a focus to harness the export potential of food products. Foods that are manufactured by Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

What’s Inside the APEDA and NSIC sign MoU?

In the MoU, both agreed on key areas of cooperation. It includes facilitating all APEDA register members who will get assistance under all the NSCI schemes. It will ensure growth and sustainability by resolving all issues like skill, quality, products, technology, and market access.

This collaboration between APEDA and NSIC will also support and promote green and sustainable manufacturing technology for all the MSMEs.

As a result, it will enable units of MSME clusters to switch to green and sustainable production processes and products.

Creating Opportunities

As APEDA and NSIC join hands, it will facilitate the participation of all MSMEs in international level fairs. All types of fairs like B2B or B2C will organise in India and abroad. The aim of organising different-different fair is to mutually cooperate in international level business promotions as well as the development of business.

The MoU signed by APEDA and NSIC will entail assisting under available schemes of the central government towards the capacity building of MSME. The capacity building will be for their environmental and social compliances as well as skill development to meet the international standards.

Raise Awareness

MoU also includes that both the organization i.e. NSIC and APEDA will create and organize awareness programs. The purpose is to make MSMEs aware of the different schemes implemented by NSIC and the Ministry of MSME.

Why signing the MoU?

The MoU was signed by the Honourable Secretary of APEDA and Mr P Udayakumar (Director In-charge of Planning & Marketing). For instance, It will help in utilising expert ideas in the organisational field of both organizations.

Well, the utilisation achievement will be easy when both the organization will come together to synergize the activities in the interest of agriculture and its ally sectors. As a result, the value of stakeholders will become better as time passes, APEDA said.

As per the Agri Export Policy announced by the central government in 2018, the objective is to provide stakeholders solutions. For remitting some of the identical interventions for agricultural development and enhancement in export with the agreement.

However, APEDA also focuses on the mutual approach to bring synergy with many organisations. To bring synergy APEDA collaborates with the organisations and institutions having special expertise and inherent professionals.

AEP Implementation

APEDA has reached different states like Maharashtra, UP, Kerala, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Gujarat and Karnataka. Also, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Manipur, Telangana, Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh successfully and effectively implement the AEP.

According to APEDA, other states AEP implementation action plans are in the stages of finalization.

APEDA launches its first Virtual Trade Fair

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