APEDA Upgrades the GrapeNet

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APEDA upgraded the GrapeNet System on 13th February of 2021. The date is also known as the Foundation Day of Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). In the upgraded system of GrapeNet, APEDA announced the integration into Cloud Migration and Blockchain. In this article, we discuss APEDA upgrades the GrapeNet.

About GrapeNet

GrapeNet is an internet-based certification and traceability software system. It was introduced by APEDA to the stakeholders for monitoring fresh grapes export from India to the European Union (EU).

Based on consultation with the exporters and in compliance with the identified standards by NRC Pune, GrapeNet records collects, stores, and reports all traces. Also assures the quality with added data within the Grapes supply chain in India.

Moreover, APEDA can trace each minute details right from the farm plot level to export for any specific consignment. As APEDA upgraded the GrapeNet System, the integration of Blockchain into it made it more secure and safe.

What’s Inside the Upgraded GrapeNet System of APEDA?

Before 2021, the APEDA’s GrapeNet system lacks in the safety and security of data. And it wasn’t able to trace minute details. For the traceability initiative and ensuring the cybersecurity protection system, APEDA upgrades the GrapeNet system.

With the adoption of next-generation Cloud Migration and Blockchain security and accessibility, the protection, as well as traceability in the export value chain for all the stakeholders, get more secured, scalable, and cost-cutting technology/interface.

How does Blockchain & Cloud Migration work?

Blockchain is a ledger that is shareable and immutable; it facilitates the APEDA’s shareholders all process which includes recording, tracking, and transactions in the GrapeNet business network and system.

The upgraded technology is perfect and ideal for transparency and instant accessibility. Also, one can access all recorded data from anywhere using the Cloud-Migration technology with end-to-end encryption technology. Where end-to-end encryption technology secures data for any future circumstance and instance.

Right from the allocation of the grapes to the farmers for the production to export to the EU or customers, Blockchain will help the APEDA officials. It will track all the activities and steps involved in this process.

Moreover, in a bid to ensure the authenticity of produced grapes by customers, it also records all the data from processing to deliverance. Recorded data will help the shareholders to determine whether all processes from grass root level to export level have been followed or not.

With cloud migration-cutting edge infrastructure and technology, GrapeNet now is more secure. It is a cost-effective, and scalable environment for all its stakeholders.

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