Difference Between ISO Certification And ISO Accreditation

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ISO Certification can be the most helpful tool to increase the credibility of a company or an organization. A certified company or an organization fulfills the required expectation and needs of its customers. ISO is a term that is also used for certifying an organization if it fulfills the specified criteria. In this article, we will understand the difference between ISO Certification and ISO Accreditation.

What is ISO?

ISO stands for International Organization for standardization. ISO produces a group of systems every year and these systems are called management system standards. The basic purpose of these systems is to guide the organization in providing the proper service and environmentally friendly atmosphere to their customers and workers as well.

ISO certification and ISO accreditation are two different terms but essential factors for the quality management system.

What is ISO Certification?

Getting ISO certification means an organization is complying with the required criteria and standardization. It scrutinizes the quality of an organization that offers evaluation and testing and can be approved for three years If an organization fulfills all the requirements. The well-known ISO certifications are as follows.

Let’s check the Difference Between ISO Certification And ISO Accreditation

ISO Accreditation is a credit for the recognition given by an authoritative body to a certifying body for fulfilling audit check quality procedures. It involves the individual third party for endorsing, service, and production.

All accreditation standards consist of principles of all quality management. IAF and ILAC are two international bodies of accreditation interested in conformity assessment of quality management. The two fundamental purposes of ISO accreditation are to program and assure the Quality of the institution.

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Thus, another important difference between ISO Certification and ISO Accreditation is the process of their activity. Accreditation is granted to an organization or Certifying body for conducting audits. On the other hand, ISO Certification can be achieved by any organization after implementing quality standards and applying for audits.

Benefits of ISO Certification

  •       Increase the productivity, efficiency, and profit of the company
  •       Gets its international and local recognition
  •       Better internal management and process
  •       Guarantee customer acquisition and retention
  •       Easily prove compliance to interested parties.

Benefits of ISO Certification for Computer Institute

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